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  1. mulga


    Hi T&FSolutions. Geat idead! Now, in respect to the Innosilicon A5, your proposed order would be focused on their second-batch release, right? As the first batch has long since sold-out hasn't it? I tried to get in on the first round, but was 3 or 4 days too late . Is there any estimate on time...
  2. mulga

    How-to: (small)Foundation Member logo appearing under nick?

    Oh, I see. Ribbons :) OK, i'll have a look through the page now. cheers, tungfa.
  3. mulga

    How-to: (small)Foundation Member logo appearing under nick?

    Hey all, On April 11, I finally decided to send the 100DASH to join the Foundation : ) Yay!! I'm truly grateful for stumbling into this opportunity, having found a real sense of pride and enjoyment growing within me, even while knowing this is something fundamentally designed for total...
  4. mulga

    ( Linux Checksum file empy.

    Already fixed!? I probably shouldn't be surprised; We are DASHlings after all :) ------------- Yep, so dash- has now been corrected and both checksums are valid. # MD5 hash: 72f9470403ed988c4f5d8dbda090dde3 dash- # SHA-256 hash...
  5. mulga

    ( Linux Checksum file empy.

    on further inspection the win32-setup.exe.DIGESTS.txt file is also partly affected. Strangely, the categories exit , only no hash. I only run Linux, but could obv download and calculate the hash values for those missing the data, as well as compare against those that are available, only I wont...
  6. mulga

    ( Linux Checksum file empy.

    Just to a minor notice for crew Seems that dash- is completely empty. No checksum for MD5 or SHA-256 available, just an empty file. All other OS DIGESTS.txt seem in order. link > https://www.dashpay.io/binaries/dash- PS...
  7. mulga

    yidakee's Helpdesk & Masternode Setup Services (GhostPlayer on Bitcointalk)

    I've personally had dealings with Yidakee (through IRC) and would have no problem recommending his services to anyone in need. As sated, he's particularly experienced with Amazon's EC2 setup.
  8. mulga

    Masternode Payments and Beyond

    Thanks for the update and well done. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for not just what your doing but how well you're doing it :)
  9. mulga

    How to set up ec2 t1.micro Ubuntu for Masternode part 1/3

    Would anyone be willing to setup my masternode for me? I'm going to be away from home for the next 1-2 weeks and simply won't get the chance. I was going to use an AWS free tier > the EC2 t1.micro running 64bit Ubuntu Server 14.04. Willing to pay the person a reasonable fee in DRK. Just initial...