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  1. Otaci

    Mycelium Integration

    Thanks kot. A question about budget: the chart shows the actual budget spent and total planned - how does the amount spent compare to how much was expected to be spent at this point in time? This would be useful to see if the project may be heading towards budget difficulties.
  2. Otaci

    A study on Dash price and market cap valued as a payments network.

    Interesting. I'm guessing that DASH's over-valuation (according to this measure) is due to the masternode proof of stake requirements rather than actual use of the currency.
  3. Otaci

    Core Team Contractor Rules

    Actually ... DELETED Seeing the comments on some of the other threads, complaining about people taking holidays, I just dont want to get involved in this discussion. There are some very toxic people on these forums and I just dont need to deal with it. Good luck guys, you have my support...
  4. Otaci

    What is more profitable? A master node or lend the Poloniex?

    Last week the rates on lending dash on polo were extremely high due to the sudden increase in value of dash and the subsequent massive shorting. Rates were at 2% for quite a while. Imagine 100 dash loaned out on 2% interest for 2 days. That's interest per day, not per year. It would take six...
  5. Otaci

    V12.1 Testnet Launch Thread

    is there any way to mix without dash-qt, using only dashd?
  6. Otaci

    Universal Dividend and Web of Trust for Dashcoin

    Sorry, I never got around to voting, please add my name to the No list :)
  7. Otaci

    Matthew 7:6

    I like the idea of including voting in the Proof of Service.
  8. Otaci

    Governance based on decentralized reputation

    Projects cost a certain amount. In my experience with IT projects, getting 80% of the funds does not mean you achieve 80% of the business benefit. Either fund the project or don't. If you think a project costs too much, discuss it, and if you still think so, vote no.
  9. Otaci

    Dash Nation Consensus Discussion

    I think its somewhere between the two opposing views expressed here. I'll explain: Evan created DASH and assembled a team He has led its development to where we are now DGBB has been implemented and is revolutionizing "open source projects" - i put it in quotes because what we have here is...
  10. Otaci

    New Budgeting System manager/employer/employee discussion

    Also, I really think DASH has the potential to become huge, there's some really great things happening. When that happens, there will be so much work going on that it simply wont be possible to keep up with it all. When that happens, the masternodes should be voting on strategic direction, on...
  11. Otaci

    New Budgeting System manager/employer/employee discussion

    I realize that there is very little information and that Evan is still working on it. But people are very curious, me included. I think that having a friendly, open, speculative, discussion about what is coming is a good thing. Please dont confuse managers with "bank managers" ;) When stuff...
  12. Otaci

    Dash on tor/I2p and others

    Some discussion here, https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/poll-mn-operators-please-respond.8688/ I suggest you start with that.
  13. Otaci

    Dashpay Magazine: Poll 1

    I have a daily automated email, its supposed to collect various stuff I'm interested in but atm it just has the DASH and BTC charts on it ... dont always read it tho :-/
  14. Otaci

    Getting into Stack Exchange

    Stack exchange always features in the top answers from Google for my tech questions, its a really great resource. Having DASH on it is a great idea. EDIT: hmm, maybe thats Stack Overflow, getting them confused now
  15. Otaci

    Satoshi Nakamoto = Craig Wright?

    lol. Yes, I suppose it is an alternative currency (referring to move of this thread from General Discussion board). Although, you know, it is kinda important. It appears now that it may be a scam btw. Certainly the blog post from Craig Wright is meaningless.
  16. Otaci

    Satoshi Nakamoto = Craig Wright?

    http://www.drcraigwright.net/jean-paul-sartre-signing-significance/ http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-36168863 http://themonetaryfuture.blogspot.co.at/2016/05/how-i-met-satoshi.html
  17. Otaci

    Poll: MN Operators, please respond

    Uh, actually I have. I used a really, really, cheap provider. As soon as I realized there was a problem writing to disk, I deleted it and spun up a new server in another provider
  18. Otaci

    Poll: MN Operators, please respond

    Its trivial to bring a masternode back up somewhere else.
  19. Otaci

    March 2016 - Dash Core Team Monthly Report

    Its a technique for specifying what software is supposed to do. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_story
  20. Otaci

    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Jury Duty

    Its not unheard of to require voting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compulsory_voting#Current_use_by_countries lists 22 countries.