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  1. Godwits

    Can there be an anonymous smart contract on the Dash network?

    Been reading up on the popularity of smart contracts. Would there be a way to do it on the Dash network? Would the idea even work?
  2. Godwits

    WTS Uniqlo Men's Heattech Crew Neck Sweater

    This item is sold!
  3. Godwits

    WTS Domain AMG.CN for Sale / Popular TLD

    Accepting Dash! www.amg.cn
  4. Godwits

    WTS Uniqlo Men's Heattech Crew Neck Sweater

    Brand new / Tagged Size XS (extra small) Men's A sweater made with warm Heattech in casual stripes. 80% polyester, 15% wool, 5% acrylic Hand wash cold Imported Asking: 14 $DASH (@$2.81) WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: "Great sweater February 23, 2015 tImHom True to Size I bought one of...
  5. Godwits

    WTS Apple iPhone 4 - 16GB - White (Verizon) Smartphone / Clean ESN

    USED Apple iPhone 4 - 16GB - White (Verizon) Smartphone / Clean ESN Works perfectly! ASKING: 32 $DASH (Includes shipping)
  6. Godwits

    WTS Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 AMD Motherboard & AMD FX 4130 Black Ed. 3.8GHz Quad Core Chip

    USED / Great condition Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 (Retails for $200-$240) & AMD FX 4130 Black Edition 3.8GHz Quad-Core (Retails for $70-80) 3 AVAILABLE ASKING: 65 $DASH at current price $2.81 (Includes shipping) Product Information GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 3 design, featuring 2 ounces of...
  7. Godwits

    WTS LEPA G Series G1600-MA 1600W 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply for Sale - Accepting $DASH Only

    I have 6 of these from previous use of mining DarkCoin and have no use for them now. These are in fantastic condition and currently these are going for $289 on NewEgg (http://goo.gl/Mu294e) Asking price: 75 $DASH (current price per dash is $2.81) Shipping is included which does cost alot since...
  8. Godwits

    Dash Logo Contest

    I think the D in dash should remind people of a C. So they read it as CASH but know It's DASH. Understand?
  9. Godwits

    Rebranding Followup

    I thought Darkcoin had the cool factor over Bitcoin but in the mainstream world Bitcoin seems stronger than Dash (and cooler). Loved the reaction of the people when they asked me what Darkcoin was. Going to miss that!
  10. Godwits

    Rebranding Followup

    Here are some of my suggestions which are OK and maybe entertaining to some of you: DCoin DC DPay Ditcoin Doin or something totally diff: Bits SmartCash FastCash BlackPay (like blackcard) SnapPay (like snapchat) SnapCoin (like snapchat) Digit ECash QuickCash QuickPay (prob can't cause of JP...