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  1. yoshimi ozu

    Pre-Proposal | Interviews with Proposal Owners by Craig Mason

    Agree with @GrandMasterDash - 3 months would be ideal.
  2. yoshimi ozu

    Pre-Proposal | 'The DASH San Francisco Marathon 2018' - Title Sponsor & 'Official Payment Partner'

    Thank you for context, though that doesn't mean that Tata Consultancy Services made any ROI from their investment, or that Dash should follow suit just how they did (this proposal doesn't mention an 8 year exclusive deal or even "presenting sponsor" -- just "official payment partner" so that is...
  3. yoshimi ozu


    I see it now, sorry it must have been still uploading before. It looks like smart plan, I agree with @jesccs question if you can provide more of the "why" behind this proposal. I love drone racing myself but any data behind the audience and how it helps Dash would make sense to provide here...
  4. yoshimi ozu

    how does proposals work?

    There is a button called "new user tips" I can suggest to you.
  5. yoshimi ozu

    Pre-Proposal: Video Development for Commercial Promotion of DASH

    I agree with @lisbethohana - one person here is listed as a cinematographer and the other is an editor. Both have reels for those specific functions but is much different than actually producing commercials full time. I like the Danny Trejo production proposal myself but maybe there will be...
  6. yoshimi ozu


    I like the idea based on thread name but dont see anything here. Am I missing something?
  7. yoshimi ozu

    Bringing Dash to the Poker World - Updates

    Interesting. Good work Poker Guys!
  8. yoshimi ozu

    Education-based marketing at University (Germany)

    Smart idea! Good luck to you on your proposal. This is something very necessary.
  9. yoshimi ozu

    Ben Swann wants money to build his Private Studio. Africa & Venezuela projects should go elsewhere.

    Yes this seems like a non-issue if the budget is not competing or full. Not sure the purpose of the thread.