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  1. duffman

    Budget System v2 / Transform PR

    You told it all in a laconic sentence.
  2. duffman

    Budget Proposal - Vendor-Experience UPDATED

    This team is giving me good vibes for the coming season. Drama is good for the soul. After all, these guys have taken the "Buy me a coffee" button to the next level. The creators of the Institute of Cryptobureaucracy and brmBar did not go so far as the InstantX soda machine. BTW, some things...
  3. duffman

    Budget Proposal - Vendor-Experience UPDATED

    In these tough times who could resist a full monty?
  4. duffman

    A little story

    Outrage! You forgot the endless spinning wheel also known as technical support. Think about the indescribable pleasure users would get if developers only provided the program. Free/Libre software is more than the source. That single word stirs to the core :grin: I have a bad memory, but I think...
  5. duffman

    Budget Proposal : Promotion / Reimbursement / Core Team

    What a difference a year makes, huh? Let's give some colour to this thread.
  6. duffman

    Darksend: To seed or not to seed?

    Could you please chillax? It's sunday.
  7. duffman

    V12 Release

    Hmmm... What do clouds smell like? Mr. Chairman, thank you for the new release. It is quite a show you are having here. I did not expect less from you. :grin: I may have stumbled upon a wonderful loop (or someone is performing a stress test on the network): 2015-08-18 21:10:44 mnp - Masternode...
  8. duffman

    11.2 - Dash Release

    I say thee nay. There is a better way to do that. You only need to open your client and type: masternode vote-many nay Beautiful, isn't it? We can adopt developers, too.
  9. duffman

    Electrum Dark

    I'm sorry, moli. I do not think that is possible. As Thomas said: meatbags are not good at generating really random phrases. I found a workaround for my problem. My provider does not like irc (irrsi also refuses to work), so some changes were necessary in the...
  10. duffman

    Rebranding Followup

    Oh boy, now whenever I hear the so called experts talking seriously about money I will point them out to this brand issue. Humanity is sooo predictable. If investors are scared by the name, then it is easy to draw the conclusion. They are a bunch of cowards and idiots without any short-term or...
  11. duffman

    Rebranding and Scalability

    GRUESOME DEATH AWAITS US ALL!!!! Ahem, as a non-English speaker I can only say: pleaaaze. This topic has reached eight pages and nobody has even mentioned the obvious answer. Have you checked the number one source of witty comments aside from twitter? Don't tread on me My veredict is clear...
  12. duffman

    Electrum Dark

    I tried every single possible combination, even the suggestion in the trollb... I mean, the bct thread. = electrum-drk.club. Someone a little paranoid may think that you have banned me from the IRC channel :grin: Thanks for your time, Props. And thanks for adding me, vertoe.
  13. duffman

    Electrum Dark

    ~# git reset --hard origin/master HEAD is now at 4522ecf Darkcoin: Corrected inconsistency with IRC naming convention Yep. I have applied the changes, but no luck. I cannot find peers: ~# electrum-drk-server peers []
  14. duffman

    Electrum Dark

    Sorry but no cookie for you :smile: I wrote the dot explicitly because the forum does not allow "sneaky urls" to members with two posts or less. It is something else.
  15. duffman

    Electrum Dark

    I would not discard this client so soon . The "electrum -style" client is the only choice for newcomers that can't download the whole blockchain. Here, have some pics for your viewing pleasure: I have also setup an electrum server on electrum-drk dot club. The leveldb with the 10000 pruning...
  16. duffman

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi darkcoiners, Another Spanish fan here for the fun of it. I've been lurking for some time. FSF asocciate member since Lavabit went bust. That event was a milestone in privacy rights. The dear leader can be really happy: his social experiment has been a success. The latest achievement was...