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    6 GPUs in windows 8.1

    https://litecointalk.org/index.php?topic=11761.0 ;)
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    (June 20th 2014) New AMD Sgminer !! Huge improvement!

    Need 14.6, i went from 3.5mh/s to 4.9mh/s with an R9 290.
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    Masternode not recieving payments.

    It seems ok now looking at the list... Was probably something to do with incoming ports (hadn't enabled port 9999). I guess i'll find out after the 20th if its working as intended :)
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    Does this mean MNs will be far more profitable than expected?

    Its dropped down to 180 odd from about 500... close enough to 70% drop to think that current masternodes should be legit.
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    Masternode not recieving payments.

    Thanks Vertoe, says YES/YES and the debug successfully started masternode. All i'm waiting for now is RC3! :)
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    Masternode not recieving payments.

    awesome :) that'd be why, thanks brilliantrocket. so the TX hash missing isn't relevant then? thought it was a bit wierd thats all.
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    Masternode not recieving payments.

    Shows up here, http://drk.poolhash.org/darksend.html but is one of the nodes without a TXhash. listtransactions shows the following but no others: { "account" : "", "address" : "Xo84kNevt7eBcvz6k4WbjuEbu31fdzMYki", "category" : "receive", "amount" : 1000.00000000, "confirmations" : 352...