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    Bitcoin Darkwallet being implemented. Thoughts?

    Could obviously be very disruptive, depending on how things work out. There are so many uncertainties that it's hard to make an informed judgment now though. Iif people can keep a transaction entirely in BTC it will probably remain the preferred option. However it may also turn out that...
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    DarkSend BETA V6

    Congratulations on the great/steady progress!
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    Stop killing darkcoin (and drktalk) please.

    This would have been a terrible idea that would have almost certainly have destroyed Darkcoin. People want something that is concrete and unchanging. As it is right now, you could by chance miss one day on a forum and come back the next to find out that the rules of the game have completely...
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    sgminer 4.0 vs. 4.1?

    Thanks. I for some reason feel comfortable with 4.0 and was not really looking to rock the boat unless there was a clear reason to do so. Sounds like there isn't.
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    What other altcoins are DRKcoiners into?

    True, hadn't thought of that. Well ambitious ideas are good. If nothing else there will certainly be lessons to learn for cryptocurrency as a whole.
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    And now..?

    Very true, it's going to be interesting to see how things play out.
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    And now..?

    In some ways Darksend might perversely benefit from this as it would make it that much harder for government snooping to follow transactions within China. It obviously would be preferable to have government support for crypto but if this is how it's going to be, it might put Darkcoin in a good...
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    And now..?

    Agreed although their current movements are not encouraging. I can easily see why an autocratic, centralized government might fear something like cryptocurrency that would allow citizens to easily transfer money out of the country or hide it away.
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    What's your theory?

    Evan has stated on the bitcoin forum that he would not try to prevent this if someone went to the trouble of doing this but that it is likely very far off given how big x11 would have to get before anyone would bother trying.
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    sgminer 4.0 vs. 4.1?

    Hey, has anyone compared hashing rates between these two versions? I've seen varying accounts for other coins where people found that things were a bit slower with 4.1.
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    What other altcoins are DRKcoiners into?

    Hmmm intriguing, will have to check it out when I have a free moment. I could see it being both very powerful if done well but also easily exploited depending on how much latitude a programmer would have when adding code. I'm interested to see how they will keep transaction sizes on the...
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    Man I hope I haven't been getting screwed these last couple of years! Will definitely do more comparison shopping in the future.
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    0% mining fees at drkpool.com

    Thanks this is a good idea as the coinmine majority has always made DRK a bit risky
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    Really?! I've usually found Newegg favourable in the past. Maybe I've been missing out...
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    What other altcoins are DRKcoiners into?

    Anything in particular? I keep seeing its name floating around but don't really know anything about it.
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    Question on Newest Beta Wallet

    Probably not unreasonable in the beta period while stuff is being sorted out... the last thing DRK needs in terms of publicity is someone losing thousands of coins in a Darksend transfer from a bug! Also the protocol needs a certain number of users to all do transfers of the same general size to...
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    What other altcoins are DRKcoiners into?

    Primarily that they plan to implement the older Zerocoin anonymity protocol I think.
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    DRK / USD now on prelude.io

    Awesome news, thanks for the heads-up
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    100 DRK active member lottery! - Winner drawn, congratulations DieCommieScum!

    Sounds fair/transparent to me. Good stuff!
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    Mining power requirements?

    Wow that's an amazing savings, even more than I had expected from the accounts online. Definitely puts X11 in a good light. Thanks for the real world numbers!