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    Darkcoin Ambassador Group

    I would love to be part of this but i'm a shy person :sad:, also in Saudi Arabia the government banned Bitcoin bank transfer's. Currently living in a European country I don't have problems moving my money in/out of exchanges and then to my Saudi bank account. I can see many Saudi's who would...
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    Darkcoin by 2015

    Thank you, saw the video's nice and east to understand but is Darksend the same as a Masternode or is it something different? also I was a bit concerned it's not related to this thread I made so sorry to bring this up here!.... If we have so many Masternodes working and these 1000's of coins...
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    v0.10.15.x Testing

    I like the way you thinking. It needs to be for everyone to understand what it is Worldwide.
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    Darkcoin by 2015

    Thanks for your replies, I wonder if we gonna have Tutorial videos to help people like me. Things like how to mine/do all these kind of things u guys do :sad:
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    Darkcoin by 2015

    Can you explain to me #1 please.
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    Darkcoin by 2015

    So I've seen how BTC is dragging every major alt coin out there down with it, it will probably go down further because in my opinion merchants won't hold their BTC so price goes down. However, DrK is different it's not attached to BTC up's and down's and I love it. I believe if Dark really end...
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    Development Update - Oct 1, 2014

    Happy to know Evan sticking with PoW; because interest from PoS coins are a NO NO for me. =D
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    Darkcoin color theme impacts

    Hello forum, Few days ago I was in a business meeting with one of my Chinese friend's in Dubai we talked about many things during our meeting and since I knew him for sometime now he would ask me about my personal life and what not. I told him about my investments into Darkcoin and tried to...
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    Losing faith in DRK

    I think Evan knows with bigger ideas comes bigger responsibilities, and he's right the main issue with the community I believe is the price that's what brings most people to crypto is to make money anyone says I'm investing in any coin including Bitcoin because of the idea being free is lying...
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    Development Update - August 19, 2014

    Woah, I went away for 2 weeks on summer travelling and this happens :eek: price went crazy and update announcements are even crazier! Great work Evan and team doing all this in such a short time, people are impatient now and they don't like waiting; but good things takes time.
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    Need help setting up a MN

    Thanx for your reply, I am moving to another country next week. Should I just wait till I settle over there and buy me a new PC over there?
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    Need help setting up a MN

    Hi everyone, I finally decided to set up a MN because I'm buying a new laptop today my PC was shared so I didn't want to set up any Masternodes in it. I was worried about it since I'm a noob when it comes to computers. Since I'm gonna buy a new laptop today; do I need a special laptop? because I...
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    v0.10.12.x RC4 Testing

    Here to say keep doing what you doing everyone, I long term investor & believer can c the future in Dark coin. I enjoy watching chefs cooking something delicious =p
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    Development Updates - July 15th

    Awesome news, good to know Evan and the team are been transparent about their work. Having a man like Kristov Atlas review is a + as well. Looking forward =]
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    Introducing my self~!

    Thank you; I'm excited to be part of this :grin:
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    Introducing my self~!

    Hello, I'm Abdulaziz from Saudi Arabia. I've been involved with BTC around April this year (when the price was 4xx), I fell in love with it after reading about it for a bit. I was scared to come near any other coin but for some reason Darkcoin appealed to me simply because it's developer Evan...