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    Dash Dental DAO- Early pre-proposal discussion

    Is this the sort of proposal that will become feasible when the DAO gets a vehicle for legal ownership?
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    Dash Watch 2nd Renewal Pre-Proposal Sept 2018

    Massive value here. This is a top priority 'yes' for me.
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    Pre-Proposal: MyDashWallet Development Part 3

    MyDashWallet seems to have had a major impact on utility and adoption. More language support alone would be well worth the money. I'm intrigued by hint, "chatting on the blockchain." Going for a memo copy or more of an IM thing? Either way should be a good value and I'll support it.
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    pre-proposal DASH distributed point of sales

    biaku, thank you for taking an interest in Dash. I am having trouble understanding which problem you are proposing to solve. From my perspective, it appears several POS software apps already exist which have the capability to provide the solution you are proposing. Can you provide some insight...
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    Pre-Proposal: DASH NFC POS - Advanced Festival/Event Payment Solutions

    Rullikas, Thank you for your contributions to Dash. I am pleased with how your previous proposals have worked out. I would like to know more about the scope of your technical objectives. Would you please take the time to elaborate on each bullet, turning them into complete thoughts? Thanks
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    Hello Nathaniel, Thank you for preparing this pre-proposal to solicit feedback. My initial reaction is that the ROI on this proposal could be improved by cutting costs. It looks like the $3100 for materials could be trimmed down a bit.
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    Core Team Proposals (Funding October 1st)

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the idea to set your maximum ask thresholds at 60% and 80% originated with you, did it not? Did you solicit feedback from the network on that idea? If you didn't, I don't think you can call it "guidance". The network provides guidance to you, not the other way...
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    Sahabia, I'm happy to see that you're seeking a solution the liquidity problem. On/off ramps are a critical piece of the puzzle. The question has been asked a few times now how you are providing liquidity, and I don't feel that you've given a full explanation. You've said "The merchant...
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    Pre-proposal: 100 merchants on the canary islands

    Hello RealBitcoinClub, I generally support efforts to advance merchant adoption. It's a critical piece of the puzzle. I'm just being honest, your proposal needs a lot of work. I don't think it would pass in its current form. For one thing, you've done a lot of overpromising. Your first...
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    Community call: DCG Business Development's plans - 6 September 2018

    The attached slide reads, under considerations, "Masternodes own the Dash network, and continue to decide on overall network priorities." How you do intend to elicit masternode decisions on these priorities? How much focus to place on each of the 5 identified areas?
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    What Do MNOs Look For When Voting?

    A key determining factor is % completion. How much work has already been done? How much skin does the proposer already have in the game? Investors would rather buy products than promises.
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    Ridesharing Platform, ABEE, to Integrate Dash

    Good effort Justin! This app paves the way for more platforms to recognize Dash's superior InstantSend capability.
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    Why is EOS different? The block producers can freeze your account whenever they want.