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    Issues with Masternode Payments Fork

    hmm, I would agree, it looks like a smaller fraction of the network (cpu pool) is hashing the wrong part of the chain: http://chainz.cryptoid.info/drk/ Their difficulty is only in the 800s. Meanwhile http://explorer.darkcoin.io/chain/DarkCoin is reporting to be about 10 blocks ahead, with...
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    Darkcoin Update / Masternode requirements / Masternode Payments

    I would really like to help support the network and run a node, but myself and other users may need some extra advice to walk through it or the process comes across as too technically challenging. Would anyone care to walk us through it, links included?
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    Official logo vote

    #6 looks good. I know we talk about re-branding quite a lot in this early stage, and it's much too late to change the name now. There are already too many established services/exchanges/links that direct to darkcoin, so we really have to own this brand and promote it for it's positive, privacy...
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    The Birth Of Darkcoin

    Fascinating, thanks for sharing this! It's worth noting that bitcoin had it's own stumbling blocks in the early days. It wasn't a perfect cryptocurrency upon release (arguably still isn't today) and we can see how much time it takes for these projects to be fully fleshed out. There will be...