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    6/20 RC3 Post-mortem

    Something so simple as a spanner. Time to ride the ups and downs of the roller coaster!
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    Postponing Masternode Payments Till May 25th

    +1 Is there going to be a AMI that we can lock down with custom firewalls?
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    DarkSend RC1 Official Release!

    So how do you start the masternode with darkcoind with an encrypted wallet now? Mine isnt running --Edit Gee its the Unbuntu requirement
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    c-cex has had major improvements to try and get more users to trade and speed up repayment of effected users. I am trying to convince them to take paper wallets as deposits. They also have halved their withdrawal fee and speed up deposits to improve trading.
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    Master Nodes for non IT guys

    Insecure master nodes are not a good Idea. Rogue nodes etc harm the network.
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    Darkcoin Update / Masternode requirements / Masternode Payments

    I am wondering the same thing. Can we please have a p2p style redirection so we dont have to keep checking and sweeping coins away with potential spend. We dont want the system to become more of a target if the potential to have more coins is there.