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    Dash Receives Rave Reviews On Seeking Alpha

    Thanks! I'm currently writing a followup article piece tentatively titled 5 Catalysts That Will Drive Bitcoin and Crypto Adoption In 2018 which includes the rollout of Dash Evolution @ #3. [Unfortunately, the word "Bitcoin" is required for the title as Dash lacks a relevant stock ticker to file...
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    Dash Receives Rave Reviews On Seeking Alpha

    I originally published this article back in late August on Seeking Alpha, where I've been a paid contributor since 2012. It was well received, scoring an Editor's Pick and weekend front page coverage. The section on Dash appears about halfway down...
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    How about a Dash banking licence to shift the fiat gateway initiative into overdrive?

    Switzerland is still exposed to anti-terrorism/anti-money laundering laws. The competitive moat of current exchanges is dependent upon state-by-state licensing costs (including legal fees and compliance) or about $10 million nationwide. If you've got $10 million + 1 year to implement, you can...
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    Mobile wallet safety

    The leather wallet you carry your cash around in is as safe as a mobile wallet on your phone. Someone gets ahold of your old fashioned wallet, and they've got everything in it. Someone gets ahold the digital wallet on your phone, same thing. There are different levels of security that can be...
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    Dash "stock split"

    The notion that participation in the crypto revolution should be predicated on giving Americans a lesson in remedial math is elitism at its finest, albiet of a narrow sort. It's as if Elon Musk made a critical reading of Huckleberry Finn or a pop quiz about World War II a prerequisite for...