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    www2.coinmine.pl over 50% !!!

    Its not monster mining rig. Its called a botnet. This person is probably not spending a single cent in electricity for mining DASH as he is not even using his own computer to do it.
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    Thats a large botnet right there bros.
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    V12 Testing Thread

    Thank you for the mature reply. It was indeed just some kind of hitch with dashd as after restart it synced quite fast. Looking forward to using v12 on mainnet.
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    V12 Testing Thread

    This is not about me being a good coder or being shit coder. I said important is faster blockchain sync. I got answers back: "Impossible" and "This kid dont know what he talk about". When the funding system is up and people fund me ill improve it. Not working for free, sorry.
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    V12 Testing Thread

    Headers first ok, but its not solved completely until we see clients downloading at maximum potential. You work without funding, ok. You have a job, I have university. I need money, I can't just spend my free time working on DASH because I simply dont have free time.
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    V12 Testing Thread

    It works fine. It synced. But it can work better. I am sorry I upset you flare. That blue guy was talking out of his ass and he upset me. Yeah. I loled when that blue guy said it cannot be improved, he cant even answer why. Networking is my strong side and it certainly CAN be better. 20 gb...
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    V12 Testing Thread

    Mr.Ignore, tell me then why cant blockchain be downloaded at full speed if its not a protocol flaw. He said 8 connections, if they all reseed at 10 KB/s ofc it wont download at more than 80 KB/s. I think you're just a mislead boy licking ass of members with "Developer" under their name.
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    V12 Testing Thread

    Blockchain is not much different than a program. Only thing that can slow down the process is validation, but my CPU is still not being used at more than 12% so.. what can u say? Fund me and I will do it.
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    V12 Testing Thread

    You cannot tell another programmer that his expectations are unrealistic. Code can be changed. Dedicated centralized reseed can be setup. Things can be done, stop lying. Increase the limit, simple.
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    V12 Testing Thread

    See my post edit. Even when i sync at home, I don't hit my 100 Mbit/s. However at BitTorrent i hit always 100 mbit/s.
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    V12 Testing Thread

    Yeah this is what i am talking about. Use 3rd party way to sync. Dash needs to be so no 3rd party is needed. Also, his VPS when downloading stuff directly from internet hits speeds such as 50MB/s (not mbit, m8, he has 1 Gbit/s).
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    V12 Testing Thread

    my friend has been downloading blockchain on his VPS for past 3 hours using dashd. Its not even at %1 yet. They're really good reseeds indeed, because never download at MAX speed.
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    V12 Testing Thread

    I think next important thing for DASH would be faster blockchain synchronization. Full nodes could work as Reseed. Its quite frustrating that on a 1 Gbit/s network it takes years to download the blockchain.
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    WTS The First VPN-service based on ECC. Save ur DRKs

    Does your TripleVPN use Onion-routing? Onion-routing means that neither the first nor second VPN server knows plaintext traffic and only the third server can decrypt it and send where it should be.
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    A One Time Pad for Dash?

    How would we even use encryption? Darksend strength does not come from encryption at all. Encrypt the pad using RSA-2048 or RSA-4096.
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    Dash by 2016

    Depends on the criminals. If they start adopting their services to DASH and put millions in Darksend for mixing then the price will skyrocket higher than Bitcoin ever has been. Go DASH, GO!
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    Forget the Pi, check this out

    Looks really good. I hope it can run Debian. Gonna most likely order it.
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    Trezor for Darkcoin

    Any hardware wallets that support DS or IX?
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    Dash versus Bitcoin versus Darkcoin wallet update benchmark times

    Is Dash synchronizing blockchain from masternodes yet? It would be really cool if the blockchain download speed was as good as torrents.