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    $99 Premium Darkcoin Domains! (Sale til 7/7)

    Last day to grab one of these domains. 12 hours remaining, then I'll ask for this thread to be deleted.
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    $99 Premium Darkcoin Domains! (Sale til 7/7)

    Hi everyone, just to say I'm selling each of these domains for $99 each as a summer sale since I'm leaving in a weeks time on holiday for 6 weeks. I'll be travelling fairly remote places and will be unable to respond to PMs/e-mails during this time... these domains represent an excellent...
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    $99 Premium Darkcoin Domains! (Sale til 7/7)

    Still selling these domains or am happy to partner up for a decent project :)
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    Darkcoin.com auction have you seen this?

    Slightly different too since registry database shows its creation date as Created On: 25-SEP-2012 well before DRK existed as a concept. With the attitude of only registering domains that you have a use for, that is like saying people should not be able to buy land in a city unless they have the...
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    $99 Premium Darkcoin Domains! (Sale til 7/7)

    I didn't realise Darkcoin was a registered trademark my apologies :) I will on the other hand not report your defamation... kind of ironic though :p I'm a believer in a free and competitive market. There is no doubt that if I didn't have these domains someone else would have and they might be...
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    $99 Premium Darkcoin Domains! (Sale til 7/7)

    Added a few domains to the list :)
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    DarkcoinMerchandise.com is open...

    A couple of new designs are up and I'm soon to do a launch promotion :)
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    DarkcoinMerchandise.com is open...

    Its a good question and I'm looking into writing into the site automatically but I would happily process such transactions manually!
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    DarkcoinMerchandise.com is open...

    and I want your honest feedback. I have 2 more original designs on the way as well as the ''golden wing'' design, and this is my first attempt at creating a merch shop so please be constructive with your feedback! The site is here. As a side-note any orders on T-Shirts placed before the 10th...
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    Bienvenidos al foro Darkcoin en castellano - Información general

    Hola a todos... a pesar de ser inglés, he pasado mucho tiempo en España (Salamanca y Bilbao)...
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    $99 Premium Darkcoin Domains! (Sale til 7/7)

    Hi everyone I run SatoshiNames.com and have the following Darkcoin related domains for sale.... if anyone wants more info or other domains head to the main website, PM me here or e-mail [email protected] Darkcoin2014.com Darkcoin2015.com DarkcoinApp.com DarkcoinArbitrage.com...
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    WTB Darkcoin

    Just buy off an exchange. So much easier.
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    Darkcoin Domains For Sale

    DarkcoinMerchandise.com is now off the shelf too.
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    Should I accept Darkcoin for payments

    I think your poll options sum up the various opinions. Currently DRK has a relatively large market cap but little amount of merchants so when you mention it being the default currency you may well be onto something. If you focused the website more (perhaps a rebrand) with regards to Darkcoin...
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    Darkcoin Domains For Sale

    I use GoDaddy for ease-of-use. Its not the best bulk registrar but support have always been good for me and the easiness of transferring domains and processing the transactions means peace of mind from brokers to beginners
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    Darkcoin Domains For Sale

    DarkcoinBlackjack.com added... Grab yourself an excellent DRK domain which will be very valuable if DRK as a currency keeps gaining momentum :)
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    Just Saying Hi

    Welcome :)
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    [WTB] 18 DRK for 100$ PayPal (Verified)

    Middleman won't stop chargebacks. People before trading for Paypal should be aware of the risks.
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    The Birth Of Darkcoin

    Agreed. A great story that should inspire the whole community. It is still possible to have a huge impact, and a positive one at that.