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    Best practice for Hot Wallet

    I'm looking to see what is the best practice now to keep a Hot wallet safe and secure? I'm working on a project and looking to release mid summer and even might put a proposal once everything is complete.
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    Buying Dash in Canadian Money

    Working on something looking mid summer....
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    Unable to send funds without taking off masternode

    I am trying to send funds using instantsend and I get an error. "Used way too many inputs (>100) for this instantsend transaction fees could be huge." "Transaction too large" "Transaction creation failed!" I have tried normal tranasction and added fee check off and same error.
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    Evan Duffield vs Mark Zuckerberg

    I applaud Evan for not defending himself and letting the code and market speak for itself. We are going a lot higher and excited to see many DOA within DASH eco system. When Bitcoin was created Satoshi Nakamoto mined 1 Million bitcoins with other miners and this is what exactly what Evan did...
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    Decrease the master node limit from 1000 dash to 200 dash

    Lowering the amount of DASH required to attract more users is not really network requirement. The only way that most masternode operators would vote to decrease the requirement would be a technical reason. For example current masternode operators are not able to handle the amount of transactions.
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    The costs to use Dash

    Yes you can pay little for transactions but DASH is ment for instant payment which should also be very cheap to use. We want to replace VISA and MasterCard payments would mean cheaper than the cost to do a transaction on DASH network From visa Each time you process a credit or debit card...
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    Run a masternode anonymously

    wondering if its possible to run a masternode anonymously?
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    How to obtain excel data?

    Looking to find a way to get data of the DASH open and close on daily basis and enter the data into excel.
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    Does more general node count speed normal transactions speed?

    I sent funds and the node count only shows that I connected to 14 nodes and I'm waiting on 6 confirmations?
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    Price Discussion Thread

    DASH goes to $150 before we get a pull back
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    Pretty scared

    No need to worry. Always backup two copies and use a linux machine with a encrypted password.
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    1 OZ Silver is with parity with DASH (BUY SILVER with DASH Service SOON)

    This is amazing that 1 Oz paper silver contract is parity with DASH. I will be setting a service for people that are interested in purchasing 1 Oz silver maples leafs (or more) for DASH. I will be taking orders via secure email using protonmail and will lock in price when the DASH payment is...
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    How do you obtain your DASH?

    buy BTC coins on kraken exchange and then use shapeshift.
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    Masternode owners going to jail?

    Now how does the whole network blind their IP address?
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    Could Evolution Point of failure is user the name password?

    How secure would evolution be with a user name and password? and how is the info being stored? Im sure people would see that would be the point of failure?
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    Where to buy Dash in Canada?

    looks like https://dashous.com/t/buying_dash is live now. Its like localbitcoins.com
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    Masternode questions

    Anyone know what will be the ROE when we reach 5000 masternodes?
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    Where to buy Dash in Canada?

    Only way would be to buy BTC and convert into DASH
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    Proposal: Business Development (January)

    These actions are affecting DASH price. I will also be voting NO.