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  1. J

    Update to or to prepare for the hardfork on May 25!

    FWIW I followed pretty much the same steps as you and had the same result. I found that stopping and restarting my remote darkcoind again (after starting masternode from my local comp) got me on the list for both my remote and local machine. However after a good hour or so I'm still not showing...
  2. J

    How to set up ec2 t1.micro Ubuntu for Masternode part 3/3

    Strange, I had no problems at all using the standard terminal in OS X to set up my EC2 instance.
  3. J

    Remote MasterNode guide UPDATED

    Has anyone tried starting a 2nd masternode from the same 1000 drk wallet using this method? I hope it doesn't work for the sake of drk prices, though it would mean a lot of nodes if it does.