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    DashPay - WooCommerce Plugin [coming soon]

    Awesome plug-in, easy to use for woocommerce webshop owners. Will you be selling the plugin or will people have to pay a small percentage per transaction? My advise is to do the second one ;-). - Download/install for free - Easy implementation - Only when used people pay transaction fees -...
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    Dash Handout Cards (International) - Translation Help Please

    Translation in Dutch (The Netherlands) Raw translation: Digital Cash - Digitaal contant geld Instant - Direct Private - Privé Secure - Veilig The following sounds better (more understandably) : DASH Digitaal contant geld Direct veilig & anoniem betalen Opinions of Dutch speakers are welcome.
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    Marketing VS PR

    Hi all, I'm new here, sorry for my English, I'm Dutch :-) Why should there be an absolute? I think PR and Marketing go hand in hand. You need PR to gain trust from consumers and companies so it'll be used more and more. PR is mostly done at moments when it's needed, like when there's a big...