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    Pre-Proposal: Detailed Research & Analysis of All Dash Proposals on a Monthly Basis

    I think this is a great idea. If done correctly and thoroughly it could benefit Dash in many ways.
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    Pre-Proposal: Dine and Dash

    Popi's Place www.popisplace.com 5820 Ranch Lake Blvd, Bradenton, FL 34202 Wow, I have been to General Bytes website and I totally missed that. Thanks I will look into it.
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    Pre-Proposal: Dine and Dash

    Hey that's great, I live in Titusville, Florida. I have given thought about doing some Dash Meet Ups, In that area we have Popi"s on the Ranch there's a few location around that area, I will get in contact with them this week and see where and when we can set something up. What are the names of...
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    D3 expected ROI for 2018. Still worth it?

    I don't know but if your serious about mining hold them and try to get a hold of more miners, 7 more will put you in the $70,000 a year profit with Dash @$309. And just keep adding more miners as you can. Just throwing another option out there. Good luck!
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    Proposal: 36 + Dash ATM & Sponsorships

    Great, the cannabis dispensaries is a good market hit. Good job. Maybe if you have a few extra ATM's left over we can put them in a few restaurants. They might get the munchies ;) "Dine and Dash"
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    Has anyone else heard of Javvy Wallet?

    Javvy Crypto Solution ICO Launch: In 4 week 2 days.
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    Has anyone else heard of Javvy Wallet?

    Javvy look like something good? They are going to have Bitcoin and Etherium right out the gate. I wonder how long before they add Dash. Even Offers an International Debit Card. What do you guys think?
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    HaveOneOn.Me Pre + Budget proposal v.1

    Do you not need the bars/restaurants/hotels to first accept Dash as a form of payment before this is even an option? Why would you need another app to send money? The HaveOneOn.Me could serve better as a Directory of Bars that accept Dash as payment and maybe even intergrade a check-in, ordering...
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    Pre-Proposal: Dine and Dash

    I have vision of Dash being up there with Bitcoin. Dine and Dash to me is a marketing strategy to get people familiar with Dash and crypto in general over some food lol.
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    Pre-Proposal: Dine and Dash

    Yeah of course, Im open to really anything that works whether it's existing or something that we can come up ourselves. I'm looking to build Dash up and with my resources that are in place theres the possibility of building our own product to compete.
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    Pre-Proposal: Dine and Dash

    Ok great! The visa, is a selling point to be able expand to even more restaurants outside my network. Which will increase Dash's volume and increase Dash's price even more. So it's a WIN WIN for everyone involved in Dash. Am I missing something?
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    Pre-Proposal: Dine and Dash

    I want to get in touch with whoever can help make the Idea of using crypto in restaurants a reality, Im new to this space.
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    Budget Proposal - Vendor-Experience UPDATED

    Great minds think alike! I have the infrastructure to make this happen! I put a pre proposal up Dine and Dash check it out.
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    Pre-proposal: business integration into retail sector

    Is this System available in the United States?
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    [Pre-Proposal] Dash Lounge in Vienna, Austria

    My Dine and Dash pre-proposal could reach more that 4.3 million people in the United States in a year if implemented. Dash would be in 40+ locations at a fraction of what this costs, even though I have to say I really like the design and all. But Dash isn't there yet for this and I think it can...
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    Pre-Proposal: Dine and Dash

    Also Greece would also be a great market, I have Family that have businesses over there and there banking system is really messed up, for example people can only withdraw a certain amount each week from there bank account and the fear of the government taking your money to pay debts for example...
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    Pre-Proposal: Dine and Dash

    Here's something to think about 40 restaurants, lets just say the each restaurant makes an average of $3000 a day with a normal 1 person check being $10 comes to 300 people a day, times that by 40 restaurants, 12,000 people a day, 360,000 people a month, 4.3 million people in a year. Nothing is...
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    The war has begun , time for the big guns

    I have heard of someone using a miner(s) to heat there house, and thought it was a great idea. The noise is something that you will need to get around but people are already running to get the machines, I have tried several times to get miners and not scam sites. When purchasing from Bitmain...
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    Pre-Proposal: Dine and Dash

    Yes its very few that really know about crypto. I have talked to a lot of people and its like I'm speaking Greek to them lol. I have only met 2 guys that come to the restaurant all the time first guy goes to me have you heard of Bitcoin and my eyes lit up from shock, I was like yeah, he tells me...
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    Pre-Proposal: Dine and Dash

    More people may be inclined also to buy Dash when the business they visit frequently accepts and rewards them for using it.