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    WTS d3 ant for sell

    d3 instcok now fast shipping
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    WTS Antminer S9-14TH/s

    One piece sold to mr jefferson from los angeles
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    WTS Antminer S9-14TH/s

    Hello after a while we sold almost 50 pieces of antminer d3 , we decide to resell antminer s9 Price for each batch of antminer S9 is 2000$ (note : shipping cost is not calculated and included psu) Delivery Date : 12-20 october Bitcoin payment method Email us At [email protected]
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    WTS d3 ant for sell

    we cant dont let bitmain :)
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    WTS d3 ant for sell

    i bought 40 pieces for november and i think its big mistake , i cant even sell them ... i sold alot of september batch but november ... i dont know what will happen
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    WTS d3 ant for sell

    2 more units sold
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    WTS d3 ant for sell

    paypal payment method , added
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    How many D3 will be sold after November batch?

    you can pre order september batch from us too , but in november i think it would be in higher than 6x difficulty
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    Pinidea DrX

    avoid that i know they are scam
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    iBeLink.co miner order payment warning

    its showing we can just trust innosilicon ,bitmain , panda ,avalon miners
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    INNOSILICON A5 DashMaster 30.2GH in 750W

    i dont know but in this market i am realy scared even of bitmain
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    Bitmain next machine

    i hope to can buy this new asic :)
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    How many D3 will be sold after November batch?

    hi there truly i bought about 100 units in 2 account for september and 40 units for november . but gold is september just , in november difficulty will be higher than 6x
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    Wanna start mining

    best miner for dash with good price is Antminer d3 manufactor is a china company named bitmain shop.bitmain.com but you cant buy from there now becuase sold out. https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/d3-ant-for-sell.16690/
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    Bitmain announced Antminer D3 15GH for DASH

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    WTS d3 ant for sell

    Post Updated
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    Selling 2x Antminer D3 w/PSU Sept 15 batch

    i know this person , he scam someone before
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    WTS d3 ant for sell

    Hello We have 60 units pre order on bitmain manufactor for 25-30 september. 50 units sold out (we can introduce our customers if they agreed) Note : the price is diffrent and depends how many do you want.price start at 3600$ and goes to 4500$ for one unit all of our units included power supply...