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    confession from a former DASH maximalist

    This was interesting for me as I’m currently leaning more to BCH and share many of your concerns...
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    (Pre-Proposal) DASHPayCard - DASH Branded Debit Card + Fiat/Dash Integration

    Truth be told, we all shouldn't be so stupid to give these scammers so much money in the first place (again and again and again...) Somebody should make the sum of all the money lost on never fulfilled proposals, it's a staggering amount for sure.
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    [prepoposal] Dash Debit Card ready by Mid-April

    Is there any date communicated as when you can enable the Dash wallet? I've been using the card for a while now, and it works pretty well for Bitcoin but still no other wallets are available yet. (And in his youtube video's Julian seems to focus more on implementing ETH).
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    Price Discussion Thread

    And back to $85...
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    Price Discussion Thread

    $57.4 The chart is making me dizzy...
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    DASH Electrum wallet update

    I don't think it's possible to import a .json or .csv file. But you can import a private key in the console like this: importprivkey yourPrivateKey
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    DASH Electrum wallet update

    Exactly the same thing I experienced (2.4.1) - but yeah... let's just be thankful for this excellent solution
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    DASH Electrum wallet update

    What other version would we be on? There is only 2.4.1 for Electrum Dash. And I'm sure if someone managed to still own a more ancient version, it wouldn't work any better.
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    DASH Electrum wallet update

    There are a few servers that are supposed to work but they didn't for me. After trying them my transaction got stuck on pending... In the description of the latest Dash youtube video you can find a link with the servers that are supposed to work...
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    DASH Electrum wallet update

    Yes, they are being rejected.
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    Transaction malleability

    Also curious about this... Since so much of the code is shared with Bitcoin, and I don't find any source confirming Dash ever fixed it, I'd guess it's not fixed in Dash...
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    DASH Electrum wallet update

    It should be updated asap... It's the official light wallet and it doesn't even work! Things like this makes for a terrible UX...
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    Dash to Bank the Unbanked

    This could work if there were enough proper FIAT gateways. There are many unbanked people with android phones capable of running a dash wallet.
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    Missing 1000 coins after darksend

    It might occur to me the "average Joe the Plumber" may not need to make use of, or select DarkSend functions available in a wallet. Of course the average Joe wants privacy. The whole point of Dash is being a digital cash. I really don't like the hostility that's going on here. I know the user...
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    Missing 1000 coins after darksend

    Either you have the wallet.dat or you don't... It seems very unlikely that this particular file is corrupt because your system crashed a few times...
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    Comments on new 'Theymos' problem, & why we are basically immune

    I like all your other videos but this one raised more questions than it answered...
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    Alternative to Kraken

    I'm not so fond of Kraken but all the other exchanges I've tried are even worse...
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    Anthony Di Iorio on Jaxx's Business Model & Imminent Dash Integration

    Great show! The early Jaxx wallet wasn't very impressive on iOS but I'll certainly give them another chance if they support Dash
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    Proposal : Investigation into using Masternodes for anonymous web

    So far I wrote the iOS app last year, and at the time I did it with no money coming back to me Uhhh about that, isn't there anything you could do to get it in the app store? I'm sure it would help Dash tremendously...