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    Rebranding Followup

    I think Darkcoin owes too much to its name to be changed. Actually, it's even questionable could it be here where it is without such a good name. Fuck them! Don't change anything!
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    RC4 issues, bugs & feature requests

    I believe many of you have possibly seen this bug... You run a masternode, you stop a masternode and try to send funds out, you get "insufficient funds" message. So you have to restart darkcoind daemon, and then you can send darkcoins...
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    Whose still buying?

    It's the last chance for open-sourcing and adoption, because Monero is doing good also, it may win this battle. I won't speculate now in detail why I think it's not opensourced yet, but I do have some pretty bad scenarios in my head.
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    Think Drk is in a bubble ?

    loads of wishful thinking here, read this: http://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/2dnkaq/general_discussion_about_cryptos_ones_who_think/
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    RC4 and price

    Can't be more true in the case of altcoins + .... Observed the markets for 2 and more years now, traded, invested, gained & lost money... There is one thing I'm absolutely positive about: Every fairly successful altcoin experiences initial hype & pump, and then dump to about 20% of the...
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    inbound port is not open. please open it

    I have the same problem here. Running 32-bit Linux version on Ubuntu 13.10. Already running 2 64-bit masternodes on Ubuntu 12.10 with no problems. My ports are open, I connect to darkcoind daemon from outside, checked it. Tried -upnp option, still does not work.
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    Disconnections from

    what is the difference between addnode= and connect= parameters?
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    Disconnections from

    This is the second time I'm trying to get and answer what is, why does it not work and is there any replacement for it, and no one responds usefully... Please will someone help, question is really simple...
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    Disconnections from

    newest one: 10.11.5
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    Disconnections from

    Running two nodes: 2014-07-01 18:19:33 trying connection lastseen=0.0days 2014-07-01 18:19:38 connection timeout 2014-07-01 18:19:17 trying connection lastseen=0.0days 2014-07-01 18:19:17 connect() failed after select(): Connection refused What does this exactly...
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    Masternode is up, everything OK - no payments.

    Got the same problem with my other masternode (not the one from the first post which is functioning fully ok and is receiving payments. Still wonder if everything is alright. Anyways, where's that masternode listing on darkcoin.io, I can't find it...
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    Masternode is up, everything OK - no payments.

    Guys you were right... it was luck I guess, everything is alright got my first DRK through MN
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    Masternode is up, everything OK - no payments.

    As subject says, everything is ok, but there are no payments yet, and it's active about 24 hours with newest version now. I saw some people are pointing to transactions which are masternode payments few hours after payments started, but there are not any on my masternode. elbzo . net /...
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    Any chance for 32 bit Linux binary?

    I have one potential masternode on ancient hardware so I have 32 bit Ubuntu installed - darkcoind binary that is available won't run on it because it's 64 bit. Making 32 bit binary available would be good, at least for me...
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    Sudden disfunctional masternode

    Now it seems that I'm connected and succesfully become masternode, still I get those errors about disconnection from
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    Sudden disfunctional masternode

    Everything was working normally and now it seems that I can't connect to which is defined in darkcoin.conf, I am using the latest v0.10.10.1 version 2014-06-17 05:16:05 trying connection lastseen=0.0hrs 2014-06-17 05:16:06 connected 2014-06-17 05:16:06...
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    Remote MasterNode guide UPDATED

    Is there any tutorial about running everything that is needed for masternode but on one machine?
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    Help me setting up the masternode, bitcoind won't start.

    Tried setting locale, and I still have the same error :( Anyways, thanks...