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  1. mrearthbound

    Masternode Sharing

    So... Is there someone who does? Or are MN shares pretty much extinct?
  2. mrearthbound

    Masternode Sharing

    I know this is an old thread, but Splawik isn't offering the MN share services anymore. I've used his services for over a year and have no complaints whatsoever. I've read a few good replies about moocowmoo, and he being a Dash core dev is more reassuring.
  3. mrearthbound

    Masternode Sharing

    How can we verify that? Is there a smart contract of some sort?
  4. mrearthbound

    "errorMessage" : "Could not allocate vin

    That didn't work for me. I got the same "could not allocate vin" error, and the reason was I had an input of more than 1000 coins. I needed to have an input of *exactly* 1000 coins for that to work. I just sent myself 1000 coins so that I had an input of that amount and that was it.
  5. mrearthbound

    X11 ASIC Baikal Mini Miner Spec

    Have you tried re-imaging your SD card? See PDF below. It's for the Mini, but all baikal have similar processes. Some screenshots from your error would be beneficial, as well.
  6. mrearthbound

    Antminer D3- what to do?

    Which pool are you using?
  7. mrearthbound

    PSU for Baikal X10 / Is Bitmains APW3++ a cost efficient solution?

    Well, in their site they do recommend it for the D3, so I’d say go for it. Although I’d like a 10% buffer, but still. https://shop.bitmain.com/productDetail.htm?pid=00020170627175024105t4k8SjM5067C
  8. mrearthbound

    Dash so high difficulty

    Are you for real? Mining is a risk. All did the cryptoworld is based on the free market. That’s the beauty of it. Think for yourself, learn by doing, change your plan, iterate.
  9. mrearthbound

    Comparison Antminer D3 Vs iBeLink DM11 G

    Da Fuq?! 277 GH/s?! Talk about ASIC boost... what's the share rate that the Poor your mining in is picking up?
  10. mrearthbound

    Baikal New miner Giant-A900 Now open for sale

    Very good point. My comment's intend was definitely not to trash talk, was more of an observation. I agree the better we educate others, the better off we are. Thanks for making life easier to other people.
  11. mrearthbound

    Baikal New miner Giant-A900 Now open for sale

    The picture is kinda crappy, but it seems like a PCIe splitter. It's useful if your PSU doesn't have enough cables to power your miner (but has enough power, though)
  12. mrearthbound

    WTS iBeLink DM11G for SALE - Instock

    Why are you selling at a loss?
  13. mrearthbound

    D3 mining

    Of course. The miner just hashed an algorithm (X11), regardless of the crypto you're actually mining. Just use a multi algorithm pool like zpool.ca
  14. mrearthbound

    Comparison Antminer D3 Vs iBeLink DM11 G

    Thanks. It's great you provided practical data based on experience. My DM11G and a friend's cane with 3/4 board working. The other board is basically dead, and we're hitting ~8 GH/s. Besides from the gross inefficiency in Hashrate/power you just confirmed, it's a pretty heavy, loud and poor...
  15. mrearthbound

    Antminer D3- what to do?

    Don't worry. The batch that I bought sold on days, not hours / minutes like Bitmain's site... So wait a little and if you have the money, buy it. They hold and host your miner, though. Bit Ove found it beats paying the electric bills myself and dealing with customs to get it. Besides from the...
  16. mrearthbound

    Antminer D3- what to do?

  17. mrearthbound

    Collateralized mining - ETA

    It's right there on the footnote #12. It's under the Evolution v2 TBD section, so there's not a lot of detail on it. https://www.dash.org/2017/06/27/roadmap.html#f12
  18. mrearthbound

    Antminer D3- what to do?

    I'd buy and hodl, honestly. It's the most passive strategy, and very effective. It will probably pay for your retirement, but probably not your rent next month. I purchased a D3 on the November batch from GigaWatt @2200, which I don't think it's bad. Yes, diff by then will probably be Moon...
  19. mrearthbound

    Antminer D3- what to do?

    5% pool fees seems excessive. I'm on Coinmine, which one were you thinking on Mining?
  20. mrearthbound

    iBeLink™ DM384M ASIC Dash Miner Support Thread

    Hey. Are you sure that your miner has an active Internet connection? I got that error when it wasn't online. Also, what's the status with the LEDs? Open te chassis up and see if there are cables or parts disconnected or such. Mine had lots of stuff that needed to be plugged in.