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    12.1 Announcement / Finalized Date / Project Update

    Curious if ill be able to continue the raspberry pi use of a new masternode, and as above, wonder about the requirements for the new masternode protocols ? ie just download a built dashd/dash-cli and copy paste it in, or more things needed (space, processing power, ram)
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    Followed pi 3 MN tutorial, downloaded not .58

    did this cd .dashdownload wget [insert current Linux download link] tar xfvz [dash-] <<< replace this with the current file dashd stop sudo rm /usr/bin/dashd sudo rm /usr/bin/dash-cli cd [darkcoin-] <<< navigate to the correct DIR sudo cp dashd...
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    Followed pi 3 MN tutorial, downloaded not .58

    Followed the MN tutorial (actually had to look at a few to get it working) Anyway just noticed in my getinfo in the putty terminal and noticed the version was different than my server/local wallet. Anyway the version is yellow on the masternode page, but everything else is green. What command...