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    Transaction malleability

    Our favorite troll just told us that we don't have SEGWIT and for that our transactions are malleable. From what i know thats wrong, and transactions malleability is fixed long time ago in DASH, isn't it? The problem in bitcoin is it needs a hardfork to fix it, we had many hardforks and we...
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    TheDashGuy's Decentralized "DigitalCash" Social Media Outreach & Marketing Campaign "DigitalCash" |

    thats definatly not what i wanted to say, ofc a report in itself isn't a proof of work ... and i should taken with care, and as far as it could it should be checked by yourself ... but if there is realy nothing coming its a clear sign to vote no !
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    TheDashGuy's Decentralized "DigitalCash" Social Media Outreach & Marketing Campaign "DigitalCash" |

    I would like to vote yes for this Btw. im one of the MN owners who is changing his votes from yes to no if there is not coming much info from the proposal owner, and i'm unhappy to say that, but quite a few proposals are not what they should be, and i hope more people change theire votes to no...
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    DASH naming confusion

    For real? Mr. xjones, i personally dislike you and your posts ... it's just me so you don't have to care ... but like i said in your last post with the title "How masternode payments might cause a bubble" - i'm pretty sure you are playing all these "cards" to get a down momentum in price after...
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    How masternode payments might cause a bubble

    Let me guess you are one of the individuals who shorted around 0.01 instead of around 0.02 1 month ago, and now you are coming up with storys like that to save your short? And hopefully get some momentum on sells ... :D For real - every crypto (even bitcoin) is mostly speculation - we have the...
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    Proposal: Infrastructure - Basic Needs

    I totally agree with that, in my eyes renting a server is much better than buying one - for cheap high end ones look hetzner.de for example ... the problem i see with buying one is, who is the owner? it's hard today to let the blockchain own the server, so someone has to be the strawman, but...
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    Deutsche "Was ist Dash" Version zur Kritik ?!

    The translation seems fine, but the accent (i guess the reader is an native english), is a bit horrible - if you're native german it sounds more funny then 'gut, cool, hip'. just my 2 cents
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    WTS Dash Art Lotterie [tickets]

    another one please: f68bd387cbfdb6e8bf83ac3abe31d3f2e58c200263654ae0754ec0209ef5ae7d;103
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    WTS Dash Art Lotterie [tickets]

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    Masternode payment question. Not all blocks have MN payment?

    XxDotRpSDzgyAkx3jHkLZD8YYZRwbcjmmA https://chainz.cryptoid.info/drk/address.dws?XxDotRpSDzgyAkx3jHkLZD8YYZRwbcjmmA.htm This miner is still stealing MN Payments ... whats wrong here? Enforcment should be on, isn't it?
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    Automated export of Transaction ID

    Ofc you can, Dash is based on Bitcoin, so you can use the same methods you would use to do this with bitcoin. just search google for "walletnotify" or here an example (dunno about that script but it should do what you need): https://github.com/damonp/walletnotify
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    Abe-Explorer settings for Testnet

    changed only in database and left abe.conf like in mainnet, working like a charm! Thanks !!!
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    Abe-Explorer settings for Testnet

    hallo elbereth, thanks, but still not working changed my abe.conf to: root@vultr:~/Dash-abe# cat abe.conf # Config file for Abe. dbtype MySQLdb connect-args {"user":"root","db":"abe"} port 2750 host xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx datadir = [{ "dirname": "/home/xxx/.dash/testnet3", #"dirname"...
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    Abe-Explorer settings for Testnet

    I hope someone can help me setting up an abe-blockexplorer for testnet. Progress: abe is reading the right blockchain, finds and reads all blocks in testnet, but the addresses are screwed up, they begin with an x... instead of an y... (testnet). I guess the problem is in the abe.conf datadir...
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    Multiple MN with different ips on one VM (Problem with

    that rpc port is set to another for each masternode ... so that should be fine, nothing touched there and setup worked fine before :( for the moment i have hosted all my nodes on individual machines to get them running again, but if that is not intended, i will put bit more work in it...
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    Multiple MN with different ips on one VM (Problem with

    Since the current version i couldn't get started more then one Masternode per machine. It seems to be a bind / port problem, but i use different ips, what has changed in current version? Here is how i have done it (working with previous versions): - VM has 3 Public IPs (
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    Dash Logo Contest