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  1. K

    2 Masternodes on same server

    just start the daemon using the datadir parameter: ./dash- -datadir="/.....folder-containing-dash.conf" In the dash.conf file just use the "bind" statement, like: bind=<IP Address>
  2. K

    WTS Node40 Masternode Management Services

    nice hosting service. I just tried it out because of curiosity and it works very easily. nice job.
  3. K

    CloakSend 2.0 / PoSA - fake or legit?

    Hopefully that leads to more people realizing building such a system is actually difficult. A cryptocurrency basically - like most software systems - is trivial and that is what people get wrong so often. Making something "sort of working" might take a week, but making something stable is rather...
  4. K

    Multiple Network Interfaces on T2.medium - A small bounty challenge!

    Hi, as you once said you are doing this because you are interested in amazon ec2 technics, if this works I hope you are not coming to the conclusion to run half of the darkcoin network on one instance as it would be possible on a c3.4xlarge (...
  5. K

    Still haven't received an MN payment...

    Well, if you want to see a small sample of "variance" check out https://drk.mn/ for the nodes to It is more or less 7days, exact same setup, all new private keys... As you can see with its kind of a winner-takes-all issue
  6. K

    Help with Chaeplin's guide - masternode works then sleeps

    how have you started your darkcoind daemon on the remote server? If you check if the debug.log of the remote and local what are the last timestamps? If you are new to linux these commands will help a lot tail -f <path to debug.log> ( gives you like a continuos flow of the last lines in the...
  7. K

    Help me

    I am sorry, but I am not really getting what you want to say. What is your native language? Given your nickname I suppose your native language is norwegian?
  8. K

    Bitcoin Dark

    This gets an 9 out of 10 in bullshit bingo scale and the code is even worse. I don't know much about C code development but that guy gives a shit about lots style guidelines, commit messages are horrible, nearly no comment, several hundred lines of code are removed just with comments, includes...
  9. K

    2 MN in 1 VM with 2 IP

    I just checked the options of darkcoind with ( in linux ) ./darkcoind --help and that gives me the informations: -conf=<file> Specify configuration file (default: darkcoin.conf) AND -datadir=<dir> Specify data directory With that you could have two darkcoin.conf files in one...
  10. K

    2 MN in 1 VM with 2 IP

    yes, you need two folders for the remote setup if you want to have two masternodes
  11. K

    2 MN in 1 VM with 2 IP

    1) Yes that works, just start two daemons with a darkcoin.conf each which uses bind=<ip address> and rpcport=<just some port> 2) don't if that is possible. I don't thinks so because its is important the 1000drk are in the 0th account address.
  12. K

    Masternode setup on testnet

    or you could just use the datadir parameter so your call could look like ./darkcoind -datadir="<the full path to the folder where darkcoin.conf is located> if you want to use the qt version ./darkcoin-qt -datadir works too.
  13. K

    For your safety

    and some more.
  14. K

    For your safety

    Mmh, you are right. On Android Chrome the signature is not displayed... Is it a bug or a feature?
  15. K

    Gibts was neues ??.....>

    Das nächste meetup steht auch bald an http://www.meetup.com/Bitcoin-Lab-Berlin/events/200519072/ nachdem das letzte ganz cool war werde ich auch wieder hingehen.
  16. K

    For your safety

    You haven't published a donation address yet :-)
  17. K

    For your safety

    In a world I want to live in the importance of hard work is not correlated to how easy it can be seen. I think you should post an address and people will either send some coins out of pity or appreciation. Especially if you can get one of the other core team members vouch for your credibility.
  18. K

    For your safety

    Have you thought of a tipping/hard work appreciation address?
  19. K

    Gibts was neues ??.....>

    Supergut. Stimmt, man müsste sich mit ihm mal unterhalten. Ich habe mit ihm noch nie richtig geredet außer vor ein paar Jahren als ich mit bitcoins zahlen wollte und es gerade nicht ging...
  20. K

    For your safety

    I hope you have quite a stash somewhere else????