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  1. j0shua

    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    @Kanuuker has expressed my reservations about the O&M logo perfectly. After looking at the icon sized logo displays I really like the Tharp logo the best.
  2. j0shua

    Front-end Team Evolution Demo Video #1

    If you send them a contact request, or if you accept their request, they will have what they need to send you a payment. A contact request/confirmation (in DashDrive they are the same thing) is an entry in your userspace that says, "Hey XYZ, here's a public HD key you can use for paying me, and...
  3. j0shua

    Pre-Proposal: (Update) Dash Tour In Indonesia And Real Dash School

    This looks much better. Will you have helpers? If you do, I suggest copying the way DashRacer does giveaways: give people $5 of Dash, then have them send some of it back to you. This will let them see the speed and convenience, and gives them some experience using Dash immediately. It also...
  4. j0shua

    PRE-PROPOSAL: New (& Improved?) Look for DASH Detailed

    I think the full studio is overkill right now. It looks sharp, but the brushed metal, 3d background footage, video transitions, etc. take the show into a different context. Dash Detailed as it is today feels youtube-native -- and has become a really high-quality example of that kind of content...
  5. j0shua

    (Pre-Proposal) DASHPayCard - DASH Branded Debit Card + Fiat/Dash Integration

    If the profits are available as Dash, one way to redistribute them would be to burn them. Another would be to split them among all active masternodes. If profit-sharing goes only to the masternodes that voted yes, that creates a perverse incentive. (Not to mention logistical problems when a...
  6. j0shua

    Poll: Dash + Email = Wrong Decision

    As I understood that discussion, they were describing a way to make instantSend funds able to be immediately sent out again as soon as they are received. Currently when you get instantSend funds, they are at five confirmations immediately, but you can't send them out until they are "real"...
  7. j0shua

    Proposal: Dash Force - Dash Community Energizer

    Here is the current admin page. I got this from https://digitalcash.slack.com/account/team which is accessible to logged in slack members.
  8. j0shua

    New website discussion

    Andy probably has a better idea how complete the project is. I haven't tried to take a big picture look or dive into a todo list with anyone yet, I'm just staying focused on whatever the next part is that I can work on. If I make up some timeline it would just cause problems without giving you a...
  9. j0shua

    New website discussion

    Hi FungibilityMan, my part of the bottleneck is past -- there was a several week stretch where I was trying to make a bunch of progress on Evolution CSS before Evan's presentation in Atlanta. The presentation took a different direction and that work became less urgent, and since then I have been...
  10. j0shua

    Spells of Genesis (SoG) Card dedicated to Dash

    I like #1 the most.