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  1. Globalnetworker

    PREPROPOSAL DASH Integration in 50 Two-Way ATMs

    I think every time is good when new people enter the forum and try to push DASH. For my person I can say that a nationally worked a lot to push DASH in Ecuador. We opened over 200 DASH wallets here starting with people who have 0 knowledge about DASH. We did the first 1 day seminar on DASH and...
  2. Globalnetworker

    PREPROPOSAL 100 DASH branded ATMs

    When we really want to go to mass adoption the ATMs are necesary to be in thousands of businesses all arround the world. I like the focus for the latin market in this proposal and that the ATM production will be in a third world country. Ecuador is an export friendly country so the machines can...
  3. Globalnetworker

    PREPROPOSAL DASH Integration in 50 Two-Way ATMs

    Hey Guys, this is a great proposal. I think mass adaption should be prior to support with DASH. The best way to get people into crypto is to have a big infrastructure so that they can change everywhere Crypto to Fiat and the other way around. Austria is a good place to start the next ATM proyect...