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  1. Miner from North

    WTS Antminer D3 for sale

    D3 is very noicy... If you live in appartmen house you will need a sound proofing room. Air flow in that room is must. Sound poofed air ventilation pipe with little twist in it helps a bit and decreasing miner fan speeds. Be ready for the D3...I was little bit shocked when i started my own...
  2. Miner from North

    WTS Antminer D3 for sale

  3. Miner from North

    DASH mining in any capacity is officially dead

    I live in Finland and a had this create vision to built miner farm. I ordered 3xD3 & 2xS9. Me and my friend are currently building our first miner room. Right now 2xS9, 1xD3, 1xL3+ & 6xMining rigs are mining at full speed in my friends basement. I have now two D3 what arent doing nothing. They...