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  1. Coinsave

    Dash | Now available in Canada

    https://learn.coinsave.io/dash-now-available-in-canada/ We're announcing support for Dash on Coinsave for Canadian dollar pairing. Existing and new users will now be able to directly buy Dash for CAD on the Coinsave platform.
  2. Coinsave

    Where to buy Dash in Canada?

    You can actually buy Dash in Canada @ https://coinsave.io They have CAD/DASH pair.
  3. Coinsave

    More feedback/comments on proposal voting decisions

    I believe the more open the process is in relation to voting the better it will turn out for the community.
  4. Coinsave

    How to Make Bitcoin Transactions Anonymous

    Anonymity is key.
  5. Coinsave

    Dash Pages - Tools, Docs, Block Explorers, Masternodes, ...

    Are all these links available on CoinMarketCap?