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  1. lisacheng

    Media strategy for release of Evolution?

    Media strategy for 12.1 Evolution is part of the plan, we have had some discussions with the core team and we will be framing the goals of 12.1 into media stories while highlighting the technical deliverables. Community feedback is appreciated
  2. lisacheng

    Getting into Stack Exchange

    Regarding Stack Exchange -- its a developer kinda place and needs to be technical. Theres alot of activity in Slack, and between two forums - its kinda hard to determine where a user should go. Monitoring multiple forums and slacks is not an easy request - We would be happy to work on the best...
  3. lisacheng

    Dash World: Marketing Audit, Progress & Road-map

    @fernando thank you for taking the time to read the audit! I appreciate it Regarding Point 1: Dash as a monetary system We are on the same page with this as I agree with you that Dash is and can be a decentralized monetary system (with self governance!) - however, this will take time as the...
  4. lisacheng

    DASH WORLD update #4: Articles

    @kot happy to discuss and clarify, it was 1 article picked up by multiple media outlets that was edited to each of their audiences. I appreciate the feedback, we do try to space out announcements as much as possible. We needed the first 2 weeks to talk to Eric Sammons, interview Evan Duffield...
  5. lisacheng

    DASH WORLD update #4: Articles

    Hey @TheDashGuy so we approach projects like this: Build the Foundation Month 1: Marketing Audit, Origin story, Explainer story, Tech Story Gaining Momentum Month 2: Cross Marketing Efforts with Partners, Cryptocurrency comparisons, Industry use cases Solidifying Market Position Month 3...
  6. lisacheng


    Thanks Tao! :) I agree using the ideological angle to build the community and get more people involved is a good way to appeal to people's hopes/wishes/dreams - its how Bernie did so well in the primaries! I would recommend putting forward a message about Dash to merchants and when educating...
  7. lisacheng

    DASH WORLD update #4: Articles

    Hello @kot thanks for the feedback, for Month 1 we completed the Marketing Audit and our articles were published in Cointelegraph, Brave New Coin, Bitcoinist: 1) http://cointelegraph.com/news/dash-aims-to-surpass-bitcoin-and-become-the-future-of-money 2)...
  8. lisacheng

    Dash World: Evolution in Marketing V.2

    Hello everyone, wanted to introduce myself and say thank you for supporting this proposal. As part of this initiative, we will be conducting a comprehensive review of Dash's marketing and web properties as part of a Marketing Audit included in our proposal. Vanbex Group will be deriving PR...