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  1. abob54

    Dash Poker

    Betcoin.ag adds Dash as a payment option! Yee-haw!! https://www.reddit.com/r/dashpay/comments/75jw4w/betcoinag_online_poker_site_adds_dash/
  2. abob54

    Dash for Manila awareness

    Here is @Peewee's official proposal for reference: https://www.dashtreasury.org/p-3027.prop
  3. abob54

    YouTube Series About Dash in Portuguese for the Brazilian Market

    Rod has posted an official proposal to renew this project for 3 months: https://www.dashtreasury.org/p-3006.prop
  4. abob54

    Dash Doesn't Need to Reinvent the Wheel with Advertising - Online Search Beats it All

    I am one of the data "nerds" that @dashdisciple mentions, who is willing to contribute to this (without compensation from Dash). Happy to answer any numbers oriented questions if they arise.
  5. abob54

    YouTube Series About Dash in Portuguese for the Brazilian Market

    Glad to see the consistently new videos on the channel, and to see everything growing as planned, Rod.
  6. abob54

    Write an Article for DashTreasury.org - Guest Authors Invited

    Hi everyone, DashTreasury.org is now accepting guest article submissions from anyone in the community who'd like to write about a particular topic or opinion. (https://www.dashtreasury.org/article-writers.html) Hopefully some of you with some strong voices on particular issues will consider...
  7. abob54

    Proposal: DashTreasury.org - Taking Dash to #1

    Since this proposal was created, more than a dozen formal proposals have been submitted through DashTreasury.org, all receiving subsidies from DashTreasury.org to offset the burdensome 5 Dash proposal submission fee. DashTreasury.org has spent over 25 DASH in proposal fees and subsidies, none...
  8. abob54

    New Simplified Proposal Submission Process - Steps reduced to 1 single payment, 20% auto-subsidy

    Thanks for posting this generous review, @algodon.franelas We're glad that the process was so easy for you. We're happy to see your proposal passing with such flying colors! Excited to see your execution on this plan.
  9. abob54

    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    @rango Can you help @algodon.franelas claim ownership on your site, DashCentral? All proposal owners who post through DashTreasury.org are in full, absolute control of their payment addresses, so it should make sense to allow proposal owners to claim ownership by signing a message with the...
  10. abob54

    Proposal problem: Governance object is not valid

    @CaptAhab Your proposal is posted to the blockchain now (+2.71%, good start!). Was the process on Dash Treasury any easier or is there a way it could be simplified/improved from the viewpoint of a proposal owner like yourself?
  11. abob54

    Pre-proposal: Airline In-flight media campaign

    Nothing needs "fixing" about this proposal. It's been successfully entered onto the blockchain with all pieces of information successfully entered, including external info URL, https://www.dashtreasury.org/p-2969.prop . DashCentral is correctly displaying that external URL, along with other...
  12. abob54

    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    @algodon.franelas If you post your proposal through DashTreasury.org, we'd apply a 0.1 Dash subsidy at check-out. Would get you a tiny bit closer.
  13. abob54

    why was this so hard to find?

    Hi Fernando, Three out of five, 60%, of this month's official proposals have now been posted at DashTreasury.org. It is the only web-based option for posting proposals to the Dash blockchain, and it has a 0% failure rate so far. It's the only proposal posting option that offers simplicity...
  14. abob54

    Pre-proposal: Airline In-flight media campaign

    This pre-proposal has now been upgraded to an official proposal: https://www.dashtreasury.org/p-2969.prop
  15. abob54

    Proposal problem: Governance object is not valid

    It's these pages and pages of users who have a problem with your "official" tool, @tungfa. It's exceedingly complex. Perhaps you are in a position to either improve the tool, improve support for the tool, or at least provide better documentation for it. I'm not sure how many more users need...
  16. abob54

    Proposal problem: Governance object is not valid

    The pain that this archaic proposal submission process on dash.org/dashcentral.org is creating is not necessary. For anyone less technically inclined, or more risk averse, DashTreasury.org has reduced the proposal submission process to the following steps. Note that the current automatic...
  17. abob54

    Proposal Assistance - Dash Treasury - Claim of ownership

    @CaptAhab - DashTreasury.org is self-funded. It's run by a group of devs and marketers who have worked together in the past, and all happen to be Dash investors who love Dash and wanted to help out in an area of weakness/potential. Currently active proposals put through on DashTreasury.org...
  18. abob54

    Budget System (Funding / Voting / DGBB)

    @Blake (https://www.dashtreasury.org/p-2965.prop) and @Rod Ambrissi (https://www.dashtreasury.org/p-2968.prop) have both submitted successful proposals through DashTreasury.org this month, so if anyone has any questions about how the process works, I'm sure they'd be happy to answer any...
  19. abob54

    Proposal Assistance - Dash Treasury - Claim of ownership

    Hi @CaptAhab, I'm really sorry to hear about your lost 5 Dash proposal fee. You aren't the first person who's had troubles submitting a proposal through the legacy system. Dash.org and DashCentral have great discussions but they don't make the proposal submission process any easier - it...
  20. abob54

    Proposal Assistance - Dash Treasury - Claim of ownership

    Rod, I'm glad that DashCentral.org was able to let you post a description. For some clarity, you are, of course, the proposal owner. You entered the payment address where funds will be sent. DashTreasury.org does not escrow any funds, it just simplifies the posting process and provided you...