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  1. Mintdice

    what happens in a total banking shutdown for crypto ?

    Peer to peer solutions are an obvious first solution that come to mind. Second to this, make sure that you are well diversified to cope with shock loads to your system. If you have the means, make sure you have bank accounts in other countries, as an example, and accounts on multiple exchanges...
  2. Mintdice

    Why Dash will not be in the top 10?

    Ultimately, the more use cases and better underlying fundamental technology that the Dash developers bring to the table the better its chances of long term survival are because it can't rely on a first mover advantage like bitcoin, it has to offer more. Use cases come in many different fashions...
  3. Mintdice

    Atomic Swaps for Dash

    Atomic swaps will be the backbone of the cryptocurrency future which will be beyond the scope of understanding for your average consumer, let alone bitcoin experts, 10 years from now. If Dash focues on having solid fundamental technology and a supportive community, they will likely prosper to...
  4. Mintdice

    Do Masternodes really help to stabilize the price?

    Masternodes have to stabilize the price to some degree because they can't be used to speculate on the price as much when they are locked up.
  5. Mintdice


    Cycling is a great sport to support, I think it would be cool if some of the foundation were to put money into a project like this.
  6. Mintdice

    Future of dash

    Hopefully the price goes up to give Dash more credibility and the Dash community comes to reasonable scaling solutions so that it can continue forward and not have all the political land locks that are dividing up the entire bitcoin community.
  7. Mintdice

    Seeking for information.

    There are many resources but if you look at coinmarketcap's page and then browse the links on the left from Dash, there are many resources for you to look at that will probably have the answer to your question.