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  1. stellabelle
    Dash For Newbies Medium publication subscribers is at 109, doubled from just a few days ago.
  2. Josojulu
    Josojulu chaeplin
    Dear chaeplin, I´m setting up a second masternode using a Ledger Blue HW wallet and a keep having the same error:
    version : 0.4.rc3
    caller : make_mnb
    function : hwwallet_signmessage
    ===> ('utf-8', s', 1, 2, 'invalid continuation byte')
    I managed to setup my first masternode with no problem but this second is always failing.Please could you help me?
    1. chaeplin
      I will check.
      Apr 23, 2017 at 4:40 PM
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    2. Josojulu
      Thanks a lot, finally it worked after so many things tried, I´m not sure but maybe was due to the wallet getting in a funny state. Thanks a lot it is a great application
      Apr 23, 2017 at 7:36 PM
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  3. rnjay2018
    If anyone is selling any X11 type of hardware at a reasonable price, please PM me. Serious buyer here.
  4. rnjay2018
    rnjay2018 Floo
    Hi. I read that you are selling you mini baikal miner 150mh for 700 usd? How many are you selling?
  5. CapitalSuccess
    CapitalSuccess blockchaintech
  6. Steve H
    Steve H
    I have a Dash wallet with 0 Dash in it. I have a good passphrase, & keep it secure, but shouldn't I also have a recovery "seed" as well?
  7. MECi Group International
    MECi Group International
    What is the kind of volume that can be moved from fiat into dash and back and what time frames. I want to compete with Western Union et al.
  8. stellabelle
  9. MECi Group International
    MECi Group International
    Wanting to discuss with knowledgeable members (DAO members?) about features we want to use in the Dash regime.
  10. MECi Group International
    MECi Group International
    Looking forward to good dialogue on the subject.
  11. Drazen
    Drazen Vedran Yoweri
    Hi, I need help. I reinstall my windows and lost coins in wallet. I use backups, but still shows 0.00 coins. Is there any way to restore my coins, and how?
  12. stellabelle
  13. CapitalSuccess
    Pre-proposal in the making...
  14. CapitalSuccess
    Ready to create a thread or two...
  15. stellabelle
    I'm getting up the nerve again to submit my proposal to the blockchain! It's still intimidating the second time! 5 Dash?
  16. CapitalSuccess
    Capital Success is glad to be here
  17. JasonHan
    OK, so whoever is interested in the Giants, please send roughly (3.55) to me and send me a message. Too many people are saying they'll buy
    1. JasonHan
      which is great but I can't hold them.. We will sell it to those who pay first and refund whoever pays when we run out of stock. After sending the payment please send me a message and we will mark your position and arrange the shipment. Also, the BTC price might fluctuate so we will have to recalculate and make up the difference if it's short. Thanks everyone!
      Apr 20, 2017 at 1:46 PM
  18. STONE
  19. STONE
  20. Anonymous Dude
  21. stellabelle
    Just finished writing my pre-proposal...
  22. JasonHan
    Giant prices is now at $4200... It's only going to go up more at the moment due to Dash rising, and can't control the popularity of them.
  23. Floo
    Floo JasonHan
    what's the price for cube and what's the price for 50+ units / cube?
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    2. JasonHan
      My pleasure
      Apr 19, 2017 at 3:35 PM
    3. Floo
      i just got my DHL track no today for my first 20 cube miners shipped, adding to my existing 35 GH. i'm looking to sell my smaller baikal mini (45 units) for 700 USD each, if you are interested.
      Apr 19, 2017 at 6:50 PM
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    4. JasonHan
      Personally I'm not interested but there might be people who are in this forum =) Try posting it on the market section of the forum.
      Apr 19, 2017 at 7:06 PM
  24. James03
    James03 Vedran Yoweri
    Thank you, but I do not come any further; I ask her again for her help, am absolute beginner. They can write me the individual commands which I enter into the debug bar, so step by step, many thanks
  25. Daniel Hendriks
    I am collecting DASH everyday. It is not easy. I must live hard today for the masternode
    I am collecting DASH everyday. It is not easy
  28. JasonHan
    Okay guys, I just heard back from my supplier and we have 5 more to sell. But we will need to move as a batch. PM me if interested.
  29. David Tenkorang
    David Tenkorang nelsoncanastriana
    They (baikalminer.com) are real. I bought from them and i am in the process of ordering another one
  30. JasonHan
    2 giants in stock!!