Austin, TX - Brave New Books, the first brick and mortar in the State of Texas to accept bitcoin, is diving deeper in to the world of crypto-currency.  Now, in addition to accepting bitcoin for their goods and services, the underground bookstore is now accepting Dash.  The bookstore is also accepting Dash for purchases made in their online store at

Dash is a privacy-centered crypto currency that has a unique governing structure that makes it one of the world's first decentralized autonomous organizations.

John Bush, manager and partner of Brave New Books, said "Upon interviewing Daniel Diaz of Dash on my Bitcoin podcast, SovereignBTC, I knew this was a currency we had to be further involved with.  The bookstore takes privacy and liberty very seriously and Dash is built upon those two foundations."  Bush continued, "we are pleased to carry on our tradition of innovation and technology by being the first brick and mortar in Texas and one of the first in the world to accept Dash for payment of goods and services."

Brave New Books is based in Austin, TX and has been in operation since 2006.  The bookstore sells books covering a wide range of topics from government conspiracies and secret societies to self improvement and economics.  They also offer a large selection of natural health products such as Tangy Tangerine, Whey Protein Powder, and essential oils.

Dash is one of the most private and truly anonymous cryptocurrencies because of it's built in mixing service coupled with the decentralized nature of Dash Masternodes.  Through a decentralized voting system, Masternode operators have a stake in determining development changes and marketing campaigns associated with the currency.  The Dash protocol is even capable of executing smart contracts with no human actor, corporation, or legal entity being responsible for the transactions.

Learn more about Brave New Books or use Dash for an online purchase here: Brave