The Dash team is pleased to announce the release of an iPhone wallet for Dash based on the popular Breadwallet for Bitcoin. The wallet is deterministic, meaning that it can be restored just by typing in a passphrase. This keeps your Dash secure without requiring complicated and time-intensive backups.
The Dash wallet also integrates, allowing users to scan any BTC address from your Dash Wallet and pay straight with Dash (at your local coffee shop who is accepting BTC or wherever)

Although the iTunes Store is beginning to let more cryptocurrency apps in, the process is still challenging and subjective. Apple frequently denies new cryptocurrency apps without any stated reason, and unfortunately the Dash wallet was rejected by Apple.
The Dash team will reapply in the future, until then we have a self-compile version of the wallet available right away. (Legal, No Jailbreaking needed)
Instructions on how to do this are included with the source code.

iPhone - DashWallet v.0.8.8

Dash is a privacy-centric cryptocurrency that seeks to solve many of the weaknesses inherent in Bitcoin’s design. The currency offers built-in anonymity using Darksend, instant transactions using InstantX, and boasts a decentralized governance and budgeting system.

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