Dear Community Members,

The Dash team is pleased to announce a release of the popular Electrum software wallet designed to work with Dash (Electrum-Dash)!

Electrum is a lightweight and extremely secure wallet that has long been popular in the Bitcoin community. By using Simple Payment Verification (SPV), Electrum-Dash allows users to immediately get started with Dash by eliminating the need for downloading and syncing the entire blockchain. Electrum is also extremely secure, with the ability to enable two-factor authentication, and never requires backups, since the wallet is deterministic. That means all a user’s Dash addresses can be recovered by using a single secret phrase.

Making Dash easier to use is an important goal for the Dash team, and Electrum integration moves Dash ever closer to this goal. Not only does Electrum-Dash allow users to dispense with backups and blockchain downloads, but it also allows Dash to be integrated with the popular Trezor hardware wallet! This provides an extra layer of security and convenience.What is more important, users of Electrum-Dash can store their Dash tokens together with Bitcoin on the same Trezor device.

I would like to thank all of the people involved in development, testing and release process - you did a great job delivering this solution to Dash ecosystem!
There were a lot of people involved in the process, let me name and personally thank those, who made special efforts to close the project:

  • Rob and Mazaclub for development and technical support
  • Evan Duffield for technical assistance and guidance
  • tungfa for testing coordination and general support
  • Holger Schinzel for administration and release support
  • David for help with editorial efforts

Instructions and downloads

For instructions on how to install Electrum-Dash and use it with your Trezor, please visit the following page: Trezor with Dash

For instructions on how to use Electrum-Dash with your Trezor to store Dash and BTC in parallel, please visit the following page:

Download Links:

Source Code

Windows Installer

OSX Installer

Linux Command Line Installer 
(requires sudo for system install, without for user directory install - chmod +x and run. Self extracting tarball/installer script, cat to view script).


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