November 17, 2020 7:10 am

Dash in partnership with Churchʼs Chicken: 800 transactions and 400 new digital wallets in 4 days

For many, Venezuela is just a country that carries the stigma of the crisis. For Dash, Venezuela is the perfect scenario to provide solutions to a national context of hyperinflation, devaluation and cash problems; a broken economy. At the gateway to South America, this cryptocurrency has managed to consolidate itself since 2018 and harvest fruits that today translate into a 30% growth of Dash adoption -mainly in our region- during the third quarter of 2020.

How has this been possible? The growing adoption of Dash is the result of listening to the needs of Venezuelans and being there to offer innovations, which allow us to add solutions to our daily lives. From various niches, Dash’s projects in Venezuela promote the usability of this cryptocurrency, either through free advice to individuals and businesses or initiatives to publicize the advantages of Digital Cash.

In this sense, together with Dale con Dash, an initiative of the Dash Core Group in Venezuela, and Dash Help support and training centre -in alliance with Church’s Chicken- was carried out an activity between 5th and 8th November 2020, which had the organic participation of more than 600 people, who enjoyed attractive promotions when paying with Dash. Join me in these lines to know the details about the achievements of these 4 days, in which a record was broken: 800 transactions!

Dash Help Team at Church’s Chicken — Venezuela

Dash Point

The small actions of approaching Venezuelans have played a starring role in Dash’s usability in Venezuela. For this ………..

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