September 5, 2020 3:12 am

Release Announcement: Dash Platform v0.15 on Evonet. We are getting closer to testnet!

Dash Core Group is pleased to announce the release of Dash Platform v0.15. This is the 4th release in our newly defined process, and our 5th release overall, where observers of Dash’s development can expect new functionality delivered roughly every 6 weeks. In that regard, observers can expect the next release to arrive sometime between October 6–20.

Release Highlights

As usual, due to the breaking changes introduced in this release all data on Evonet has been wiped. Developers should make adjustments to their local setups to reflect this. Below you’ll find a list of the most important updates. You can view all of the updates in greater detail by visiting the release notes for each platform component, which are included in the last section of this article.


I’d like to conclude with a note of gratitude for the Dash community for their efforts in improving Dash Platform in advance of our testnet and mainnet launches. The conversations happening on various social media platforms help DCG teams better prepare their work for real world use, and I’m personally very excited by the use case innovation occurring within the developer community. The platform team put in long hours to get this release out because we remain committed to delivering consistent, reliable progress to everyone invested in Dash’s continued success and growth. In addition to this release, DCG will also be publishing DIPs related to Identities and Dash Platform Name Service (DPNS) in the coming weeks. These DIPs will supersede DIP 5 (Blockchain Users), providing greater technical detail around the changes made to the initial username design.

Follow the Dash blog and social media channels for more releases and updates, and as usual, your thoughts, feedback, and pull requests are greatly appreciated.

Release Notes

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