June 17, 2020 1:04 am

Virtual Panda BTM Launched for Colombian Residents: Dispenses BTC, BCH, DAI, and Dash

The CEO of Panda Group and the founder of Colombia’s Panda Exchange and physical Panda BTM terminals, Arley Lozano, recently revealed a new product called app.pandabtm.io. The new service is a virtual automated teller machine that dispenses four types of cryptocurrencies; bitcoin cash (BCH), bitcoin (BTC), DAI, and dash (DASH).

The latest effort from Panda Group is virtual Panda BTM, a “low-cost service for Colombians” looking to purchase four different cryptocurrencies. The platform accepts various Colombian………


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Author: Jamie Redman
Original link: https://news.bitcoin.com/virtual-panda-btm-colombian-residents-btc-bch-dai-dash/

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