August 13, 2019 1:37 am

Dash Works Overtime to Distance Itself From Darkcoin Past

With an eye toward alleviating regulatory fears, Dash recently began circulating a primer which works to explain its privacy features.


Dash founded the first era of “privacy” coins when it was created by Evan Duffield in the form of “Darkcoin.”

The name didn’t come from its potential for nefarious purposes, but rather the notion of “going dark,” or at least not being fully transparent, as you are by default in Bitcoin, for example. A string of numbers and letters may not immediately be personally identifiable information, but it certainly could be.

Dash offers in-wallet coin mixing – a feature which some Bitcoin wallets also offer.

Dash Core is an organization with funding from the Dash network that works to ensure that the project has a viable future.

“Since Dash is commonly labeled as “privacy centric” in the media, it is sometimes included in proposed “ban lists”. This is an incorrect treatment of Dash from both regulatory and legal stances.”

Texas and other jurisdictions have discussed the idea of banning privacy coins altogether. In India, a gaggle of bankers decided that the best approach was to blacklist cryptocurrencies. This is to say that Dash’s fears are not unfounded.

This reporter spoke to Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor in the recent past. At the time he clarified that the cryptocurrency is not a privacy coin at all, but instead a “user experience.”

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