June 8, 2019 7:36 am

Dash Android Wallet v6.4.5 Released !


  • Fixed crash when restoring from recovery phrase
  • Fixed rare crash when scan is selected from the context menu

Known Issues:

  • Sometimes there appears to be a delay when sending.

Compatibility with Dash Core 0.14: YES
With the Dash Core 0.13 upgrade, all pre v6.4.0 android apps would no longer connect to the Dash Network. That will not be the case with the 0.14 upgrade that currently is underway. This app (v6.4.0 and above) will still connect and will be able to send and receive.

Nevertheless, it is possible that the app during the 0.14 network upgrade process will get stuck on 0.13 nodes. In this case, the app will not be able to send or receive or the recipient won’t receive a payment. The fix for this is to go to Settings / Diagnostics / Reset block chain.

The APK with “testnet” in the name runs on the testnet network.

Author: HashEngeneering
Original link: https://github.com/HashEngineering/dash-wallet/releases/download/v6.4.5/dash-wallet-6.4.5.apk

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