March 24, 2018 12:00 am

Dash brings on new CFO from Morgan Stanley, Citigroup

Austin’s career has spanned 20 years in the financial services industry, starting as an associate in Citigroup, then Morgan Stanley where he advanced to Vice President of the Morgan Stanley Investment Management. He eventually moved on to UBS and shifted over to leadership positions at the UBS consulting spinoff Chain IQ.

“Glenn is a highly-skilled financial professional with well-rounded experience spanning strategy and operations,” said Dash CEO Ryan Taylor. “His role will help the Dash Core Group optimize its growing operations and manage financial risks within the decentralized governance system that has set the Dash project apart.

Austin might be a timely arrival on the Dash team, with a wealth of experience in risk management and regulatory uncertainty currently weighing on cryptocurrency markets. For a coin like Dash, which focuses on private transactions, along with low fees and quick transfers, it might be an interesting conundrum.

Although it’s one monetary digital cash token among many, Dash is set apart from most by its built-in self-governance structure that lets members vote on proposals, and if they’re approved, administer payment for work done directly from the blockchain fees, as well as its focus on adoption as a mainstream payment system.

Its landmark product, Dash Evolution, is due for arrival in 2018 and aims to become the cryptocurrency industry’s first easy-to-use “one click” decentralised payment platform.

Author: Astrid Dörner
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