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Reflections on the 5th Dash Caracas Conference

Reflections on the 5th Dash Caracas Conference.

Last Saturday (02/24/2018) I had the pleasure to participate of the 5th Dash Caracas Conference in Venezuela. Just to give some context: I’m a Brazilian who lives in Colombia and the economy of the two countries is no perfect but is ok.

In Venezuela the scenario is very different tough, however, what I saw in this conference really surprised me and exceeded all my expectations. Just at the arrival, after being received by some of the organizers of the conference, they took me to a restaurant (with some great seafood by the way) and after the delicious meal and a really nice conversation about the Dash and Crypto scene in Venezuela, to my surprise and excitement, not only the restaurant bill but also the driver was paid in Dash!

In the night we had a Dash Meetup programmed in a restaurant that besides accepting Dash, had a TV showing a gallery with pictures of the meals served in the place and between some pictures there it was our logo shining!

After the talks of the conference, we had a whole Dash City (Ciudad Dash) setup in the floor above. The Dash City is a fair that happens in every conference (with 53 merchants this time) where you can buy food, art, clothing and even motorcycles from local entrepreneurs and the only method of payment is Dash!

All this is possible and viable to be happening in Venezuela due to the following in my opinion: the situation of the economy really incentivizes the use of a currency that will not lose more than 2.000% (yes, it’s no a typo, I really mean Two Thousand percent) of its value over the year; the ability of Venezuelans to adapt and reinvent themselves and the hope, strength and happiness of this wonderful people despite their many daily difficulties. I really would like to congratulate the amazing team of Dash Venezuela for pushing blockchain education and Dash adoption throughout this country that really needs it NOW.

Some pictures of the conference: https://imgur.com/a/WDYMi

Edit: (adding Dash Venezuela website) http://www.dashvenezuela.org/

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