February 1, 2018 12:00 am

Overview of the Dash Network Status + reminder to update to 12.2.3 !!


Just a small overview of the network status.

We have ~50% MNs running on the latest version (, good job everyone who updated! However, 12.5% are still running on and 21.5%(!) are still on  Sad

Not to add any drama but fixed pretty critical Corebleed vulnerability which could crash your node by a specifically crafted set of transactions. While we don’t see any evidence of a preparation of such an attack on the network, there is really no reason risking and running also fixed few stability issues and an issue with MN behavior which could lead to a situation where your MN could be banned in some (very rare) edge cases, so it worth updating from as well IMO. Note, that NO start from your local wallet is required for this kind of update, all you need is to stop the daemon, replace dashd/dash-cli with a newer version and start the daemon again. Doing so in a timely manner (< 3h), you will NOT lose your place in the payment queue.

Speaking of the payment queue though, there are 185 masternodes that are NOT being paid atm (probably due to some mis-configuration), see the list https://pastebin.com/SM1n12RR. If you can find your node in this list, make sure that both local wallet AND remote node are running on the latest software and start your masternode from your local wallet. Note, that starting your 0.12.2.x masternode using 0.12.1.x wallet will NOT work, you MUST have 0.12.2.x local wallet for “start” command to work properly with 0.12.2.x node. EDIT: also make sure that your node is in sync and hasn’t forked off.

And finally, there are also 31 MNs still running on 0.12.1.x…. Not really sure what to say to these people, probably just WAKE UP!! Cheesy

Author: UdjinM6
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