January 5, 2018 12:00 am

Dash, Bitnovo make crypto available to 10K Spanish retailers

Digital payment currency Dash today announced a partnership with Bitnovo, the Spanish cryptocurrency payment platform, to allow consumers to purchase Dash in more than 10,000 retailers throughout Spain. The partnership sees Dash available for purchase with coupon in thousands of stores and in selected Carrefour and Media Markt outlets through the purchase of gift cards.

“As the subject of cryptocurrencies finds its way into conversations around the globe, the primary barrier to widespread adoption of digital assets remains the same,” Dash head of legal Fernando Gutierrez said. “While there is incredible eagerness to enter this arena, the convoluted path to entry remains a significant roadblock for most interested parties.

“Creating a platform that is open and accessible to all has been a core value since our inception. Partnering with Bitnovo gives us the chance to make accessing our unmatched currency as easy as buying a loaf of bread in your local market,” added Gutierrez.

Luis Vaello

Located in Spain, with plans to expand to Portugal, Italy, and the UK, Bitnovo has been providing consumer payments solutions since 2015. Bitnovo is a leading international Bitcoin platform that offers a range of services to the cryptocurrency community. With a presence in more than 130 countries, the platform allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using vouchers, gift cards, ATMs, and prepaid cards. Bitnovo has previously partnered with Carrefour, a multinational retailer operating in more than 30 countries worldwide and Media Markt, Europe’s largest retailer for consumer electronics, with over 700 stores in 14 countries.

“At Bitnovo we strongly believe in the power of innovation and the possibilities new technologies have to transform the world we live in,” Bitnovo COO Luis Vaello said. “Partnering with Dash brings us one step closer to bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses, and having such a reputable name behind our brand further adds to our promise to push boundaries and drive the crypto-community forward.”

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