DMT Version 0.9.11 released:


Version 0.9.11 @Bertrand256 Bertrand256 released this 14 hours ago

Ledger Nano S initial (partial) support - starting masternodes and signing messages Downloading external attributes of proposals from Fixed issues with multithreading and access do cache database Downloads 52 MBDashMasternodeTool_0.9.11.linux.tar.gz 20.8 25.8 30 Source code (zip) Source code (tar.gz)

DashMasternodeTool v0.9.11 released:

  • initial support for Ledger Nano S wallets (no sending funds feature yet); thanks to @chaeplin , this part was super easy
  • additional data (downloaded from in the proposals window, as: proposal owner, title, payment months, etc
  • fixed ‘couldn’t lock mutex’ error
  • fixed ‘on_btnSaveConfiguration_clicked() missig 1 required positional argument’ error
  • a message shown while waiting for confirmation with the hardware wallet’s button
  • fixed errors occurring when closing and quickly re-opening the proposals window
  • dates/numbers displayed according to the user operating system’s settings
  • keepkey support: fixed the ‘Cancelled’ error occurring when entering an empty passphrase
  • a few other improvements and error fixes

Ledger Nano users, before you move your collateral to your Ledger, please test the functionality of signing messages using the “Tools-> Sign message…” feature. If this works, then there should not be a problem with starting masternode, as this feature internally uses the message signing function.

Next, I will be focused on finishing support for Ledger Nano S by implementing sending funds feature, that will allow “withdrawing” masternode earnings in a secure way for the masternode’s collateral.