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PEOPLE OF DASH: Joshua, Evolution Front End Developer

In this new series, PEOPLE OF DASH, you’ll learn about the humans who are working behind the scenes to make Dash, the digital cash choice for the masses.
Many of you may not be aware of the fact that Dash founder, Evan Duffield, just released the roadmap for Evolution, Dash’s revolutionary application that will greatly simplify and streamline the use of digital cash for the average person.

According to Blockchain News:
Dash, a leading payments-focused digital currency, has today unveiled its highly anticipated roadmap for Evolution, as well as ambitious plans for 2017 through to 2020 and beyond. -Blockchain News
What people may not know about Dash is how well its community works together and how diverse it actually is.
Dash is a global, decentralized community and contains different people from all over the world who are working together to lay down the social and technological foundations for the mass adoption of Dash. The success of any global organization, including cryptocurrencies, requires that people from different backgrounds utilize whatever skills they have to grow the size influence of the network. Most of the attention is focused on programmers, as they are the ones building the tools for the mainstream adoption of Dash, but the reality is that it takes all kinds of people to effectively build a healthy and robust global movement.

Stella: How and when did you find out about Dash?
Joshua: I got into Bitcoin in November 2013 after the price shot up to $1000 USD. In April of 2014 I decided to look into altcoins. I did a LOT of research to pick one I could trust. I found Dash, and it stood out as a coin that had material improvements over Bitcoin, and that still wanted to be used as money. I made some Bitcoin buying and selling Dash on Cryptsy, and in a couple instances my timing was really good due to paying attention to Dash news. I also did a little mining with my gaming video card. I managed to mine a few dollars’ worth of Dash per week. At that time I thought of it as a way to get more Bitcoin, but also as a project to keep an eye on.
By March of 2016 I was convinced that Dash had the potential to take a leading role as a payment cryptocurrency. Due to a lack of governance, Bitcoin was struggling to resolve what should have been a very simple parameter change, and there was no end in sight. I sold the last of my Bitcoin for Dash.
S: What’s your main contribution to Dash?
J: I am a masternode owner. Aside from the income, voting on proposals gives a sense of involvement I’ve never felt elsewhere. I have been active in the public slack groups since they were up and running. I was a moderator in Buster’s slack, and I’m a mod in Tao’s slack now. I volunteered to set up custom CSS for the Dashpay subreddit, and because of that I got a chance to help with the dash.org redesign last year. I got along well with the team, so when we had this big price swell earlier in the year, I talked with Andy Freer (Dash Core’s CTO) and asked about a full time position. Fast forward to this past Monday, I just started working on Evolution full-time as a front end developer!
S: What’s different about Dash compared to other coins?
J: Dash is a monetary asset (not a smart token or appcoin). It’s a really good monetary asset, since it can meet all the requirements for what money is supposed to be good at. All the network participants have strong incentives to support it.
S: How is Dash Nation unique in the crypto-sphere?
J: We stand out as a very welcoming, friendly community. Part of that is the hard work from Tao and many others to maintain a good culture, but another major factor is Dash’s governance. Difficult decisions are put to a masternode vote, instead of being decided on social media. That lets the Slack be itself instead of turning into a battleground.
S: Do you have any predictions about how Evolution could change the cryptocurrency environment?
J: Just like with cash today, people will be able to use Dash Evolution without having to understand it. People are unhappy with banks. There’s a cultural shift happening, moving from centralization back to decentralization, and decentralized money is where it starts. High quality currency shifts power from gatekeepers to individuals.
S: What are the pros and cons of Dash?
J: Cons: It’s not yet widely spendable.
Pros: Dash makes it possible to irreversibly transfer value over the internet in seconds. Nothing else can do that without some kind of central control. I like the name. It’s digital cash; it just makes sense. Strong incentives. The network pays for all the things it needs, which makes it sustainable.
S: Anything else you want to add?
J: I hope these answers were interesting, and maybe inspired you to get involved with Dash, either by buying some, or even just stopping by the Dash Nation slack to say hi or listen in. Here’s the link to the Dash Nation Slack: https://dash-nation-invite.herokuapp.com/

Author: Leah Stella Stephens
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