Hi there, On behalf of the Core Team I’m pleased to announce that we have completed the recruitment into the DashCore development team and hired 6 new fulltime C++ developers who started yesterday, May 1st, raising the total full-time DashCore developers to 9.

Running in tandem to our recent team reorganization, this recruitment process took 3 months and from around 50 applicants we conducted dozens of interviews and code reviews to select the 6 applicants who matched best our requirements for fulltime contributors to DashCore.

The expanded DashCore team is responsible for updating the DashCore reference software through current milestones and through to Evolution, and is lead by UdjinM6, with Robert Weicko as Project Manager and using the Trac system for task planning maintained by Timothy Flynn.

Introducing the new team members:

· Will Wray: 20 years programming experience in C++/ASM within organizations ranging from Hewlett-Packard Labs to Morgan Stanley and Ripple. Will holds a MA from Cambridge University and did post-grad studies in Intelligent Autonomous Systems at UWE.

· Oleg Girko, 20 years programming experience in C/C++, Python, Tcl/Tk, Perl and System Administration on projects ranging from GitLab to Google to Amazon.com. Oleg holds a MSc in Applied Mathematics from St. Petersburg State University

· Karol Rychlicki, 8 years of C++ development experience in FinTech companies ranging from Bloomberg to X Trade Brokers. Karol holds a MSc in Computer Science and a post-grad from the Warsaw Schoole of Economics.

· Ilya Savinov: 12 years programming experience including C++11, STL, Qt, Buildroot, Git on projects ranging from Graphene based cryptocurrencies to embedded systems to Bitcoin.

· Sergey Gladkov: 10 years experience developing cross-platform C++ applications ranging from Acronis products to cryptocurrencies such as Boolberry.

· Ian Marshall: Lisp, C++, SQL, developer with 14 years experience ranging from AI applications to Bitcoin ride-sharing apps to programs analysis at Pratt & Whitney. Ian has extensive experience with Databases and will be working mainly in the DashDrive team lead by Nathan Marley

We have also completed recruitment and restructuring in the Evolution backend (DAPI) and frontend (Clients) teams and I will update on that separately and we’ll update the dash.org team page soon.

Now that we have expanded and restructured the development teams and know what resources are in place, we will prepare a full roadmap for coming Dash releases through to Evolution, which we plan to publish later this month (May).

Best, Andy Freer CTO Dash Core Team