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Dash Core is a maintenance release of the Dash Core 0.12.1.x series In this minor release only bugfixes have been included and we consider this a stable release. (NOT Mandatory but Suggested) This release fixes a issue with proper watchdog propagation which causes rare “watchdog_expired” spikes.

Alt desc


  • multiple wd rate check (#1426)
  • Modify MasternodeRateCheck to support updating buffers only on failure
  • Update rate check buffer only when fAddToSeen is true

  • multiple vote fix (#1425)
  • Avoid adding the same vote multiple times to the vote file
  • Cleanup multiple votes in vote file

  • Fix potential race condition in vote processing (#1424)

  • Fix ProcessVerifyBroadcast (#1423)
  • check if mn rank can be calculated
  • fix “is in top” condition

  • Reject payment vote if masternode rank can’t be calculated (#1422)

  • Don’t add non-current wd’s to seen map (#1417)

Thanks to UdjinM6, tgflynn, schinzelh