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You may know that the Dash network is in the middle of an upgrade, from our former version of 12.0 to our current version of 12.1. Compared to how these things are supposed to go, the transition is going relatively smoothly, but there have been a couple of bumps.

The first bump was identified and addressed this past week in the form of an optional update. Some users were experiencing an error while their wallet attempted to “sync governance objects,” and that bug, as well as a couple other minor ones, has been fixed in the optional “hotfix” 12.1.1.

But now a second bump has been identified and a fix is in the process. I reached out to Dash Core developer Timothy Flynn for more information.

Timothy says: “We’ve been seeing problems with spikes in network traffic.We believe these are being caused by Sentinel instances on different masternodes essentially all running at the same time. We are preparing a fix which will spread Sentinel activity out across different masternodes at different times. It’s important that masternode operators update their Sentinel promptly once the fix has been released, which should happen by the end of the week.”

So there you go. That’s why enforcement has not yet been turned on. So if you run a masternode, you’llwant to watch out for this update to be pushed at the end of this week.Now to shift gears, let’s talk about this last week’s price movement.

It has been a banner week, you could say, with Dash currently trading at 21 US dollars and 30 cents. This is down a bit from a super all-time-high reached a few days ago of $23.88. Today’s price makes for a market capitalization of $152 million dollars. To put that into context, here’s the market cap chart of the last 3 months, the last year, and the last 3 years, since the beginning.

Current price in USD:

In network statistics, today’s hashrate is 2.25 terahashes/second. Compare this to the hashrate of 3 months ago, one year ago, and three years ago. ASICs, huh? Hashrate & full node count:

Also on the network, we have 4463 masternodes. Of these, between 7% and 10% have not yet upgraded to 12.1. Bad masternodes. After the Sentinel fix is pushed this weekend, that will probably open the network back up to the flipping of enforcement. So, if we have have to lose these roughly 350 masternodes who’ve not yet upgraded, that would be sad, but there’d still be more than 4,000 left on the network. Masternode count:

So, all this aside, there are a few cool new tools you might want to know about – four, to be exact.

First is that there’s been a Dash price monitor released for Google Chrome. It’s a widget, and the widget can be tweaked to display various metrics and national currencies, according to your preferences, and the widget was developed by Alex Werner. Google Chrome widget from Alex Werner:

Next tool is — there is a new way to make treasury proposals to our network. The website is a clean and stripped-down interface that provides the wallet commands needed for anybody to request funds from Dash’s treasury. So this makes it the second easy-to-use tool after New proposal tool:

Third is really more of a notification – that is, the notification that traders on now receiveemail notifications. Prior to this, traders needed to log in to their accounts to check that any new trades had been proposed or accepted. But now that information is emailed to them automatically.Email notifications now on Dashous:

And the fourth tool is for anybody running their masternode on either Trezor or KeepKey using that fancy Python client written by Dash developer Chaeplin. Chaeplin has recently added the ability for you to vote on treasury proposals using this same client app. Hardware wallet guide from Chaeplin:

And as a final announcement, I would like to invite you to attend Dash’s first Open House. It’s set to take place on March 30th in Dash’s new office space at the ASU SkySong Innovation center. Speakers will include lead developer Evan Duffield, director of finance Ryan Taylor, and myself.We’ll be providing pizza, conversation, and a Dash giveaway. All are invited and those unable to attendwill be able to watch the recorded version, if they so choose. Dash Open House:

And that’s it for this week, folks.

Please let us know what you think about this sort of format, this layout, in the comment section below, and I will see you back here next Wednesday, at the same time asevery time — 12 noon EST. See you then.